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  1. hey @Series-T are you going to have those ''Hi my Name is...'' sticker name tags?
  2. well if u mean a bus stop yes, skytrain, a bit of a commute
  3. wow that was fast lol. enjoy sir
  4. Fayt

    Vancouver Based

    i dont think we should welcome this guy to the forum, he seems like trouble
  5. I would personally put family first, money is money it can be aquired anyway legal or illegal what should matter is what do you and your family want more so. job opportunities come all the time its not as if another management position will not open up in the future. oh ya keep your wife happy or she mite take your cigar allowance away =p
  6. lol did i bomb u with that? i dont remember O_o
  7. Fayt

    Smoke fake Cohibas?

    lol what if they were real and you've been cutting them up
  8. will attempt to make it, schedule for work is pending
  9. Fayt

    The nub bowl

    Dip Colleccion Privada 2012 Spain RE from start to finish complements of @@Serie-T