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  1. Rye

    Dvickery sad news

    Thanks for putting up that pic Steve!
  2. Rye

    Dvickery sad news

    Loss of an awesome human and a great BOTL. Smoked a beauty that he gave me when I got the news.
  3. Oh man! That beast has rested long enough. How was it?
  4. Super happy day with my (now adult) kid and many friends. Bolivar Corona followed by a gorgeous ‘02 Hoyo DC that I shared with my son.
  5. Awesome and crispy pic man!!
  6. Great thread revival man!! ❤️
  7. The last of my Bolivar Coronas acquired from a trade with @dvickery a couple years ago. Pairs perfect with a fresh squeezed screwdriver. Happy dads day to all you dads out there!!
  8. Thanks man! That was a frothed cold brew with heavy cream on ice. Super tasty with a nice stick!
  9. Iced cold brew bevvie and an older Robaina farm roll lancero
  10. Rye

    What's on the menu??

    Why yes I do! And yep, same brine for the loins but I inject some to ensure it cures throughout before spoiling.
  11. That’s an awesome idea, but I have far too many children around and not sure they’ll allow me to do that. Also adopted a little buddy for her to pick on yesterday. I think I’ll call him Bowmore
  12. Picked up a QdO 50 to try out at a local B&M and went for a drive to a friends place. He breeds gorgeous bengal cats and after playing with the little leopards all day I didn’t even sneeze once! I will TOTALLY be bringing one of these awesome kitties home as soon as they’re ready, which is very soon. If anyone wants one let me know and I’ll get you in touch. They come from 2 ‘C5’ parents, whatever the heck that means.
  13. Love me a sodomized bird! Plug the neck hole with a spud, and it makes for an INSANELY juicy bird, plus when the spud is fork tender, the bird is cooked perfectly
  14. Rye

    Scotch talk

    Great grab @Mike! I love that simple but tasty peaty goodness and have down 4 bottles already, but use caution opening. 3 of the 4 corks broke off on me and I had to get creative to save the whisky
  15. Great to read a review! Thanks for doing one @quickme! Now I am very much intrigued by this cigar, and I do hope they come around. Are these available at all near us fine CCFers?