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  1. Rye

    What are you smoking right now?

    What are you smokin brother? Edit; besides the beauty Punch EL
  2. Rye

    The nub bowl

    Nub-tastic farm rolled beauty while smoking meats this arvo. 2015 Robaina farm corona extra
  3. Rye

    What are you smoking right now?

    Loving this 2015 corona extra farmie while my friend Chris is smoking an Epi2 watching some deer pepperoni air dry before getting smoked. Cant complain about deck cigars in mid January in these parts!
  4. Rye

    What are you smoking right now?

    I should kick the teenager out more often as I quite enjoy the couch & movie cigar nights! Last night I really enjoyed an amazing 2012 Monte Especial gifted to me a few years back from @Hubba
  5. Rye

    Question for the experts on box dates

    AFAIK it’s stamped with the boxing date.
  6. Rye

    What's on the menu??

    Low & slow turned out great today even if the weather had me stressing out huge. Perfect colour, and a perfect blend of salty, smoky, sweet flavours has me excited to eat these 🇨🇦🥓 back bacons over the cold months this year. Tasting is giving me a serious craving for a glass of Bowmore though. 🤔🥃
  7. Rye

    What's on the menu??

    Really digging this bacon brine recipe. Smoked a few slabs today and going to slow smoke some back bacon tomorrow.
  8. Rye

    What are you smoking right now?

    Watching the fights and enjoying a nice cigar after pulling a few pounds of bacon off the smoker. Paired with some tasty scotch.
  9. If wrapped in a breathable membrane it makes perfect sense. I’ve thought before about making tyvek envelopes and trying something like this out, but effort vs cost of the product and time at hand has prevented anything further than rehydrating the packs I’ve had.
  10. Rye

    What's on the menu??

    Pork belly went on sale out here and they actually had large 5lb cuts instead of the hipster slices of non-bacon sadness so I grabbed a bunch and made a batch of RyeBuilt™️ bacon. Thanks massively to Mr. @Louich for sending the best Sirop d’érable this planet has to offer, my wet brine is officially dialled in and I will carve the formula in stone. If anyone likes doing their own bacon or back bacon, I’d be happy to share the elixir recipe!! 🥓🥓
  11. Rye

    What are you smoking right now?

    Super bright flavours and nice bit of strength in this RyJ no.2 tubos
  12. Rye

    What cigar would you give someone for the first time?

    Shit, is it Feb 14th already???
  13. Rye

    Cigar Porn! Cuban variety

    That’s some serious Cohiba love there @Siglo!! Very nice!
  14. Rye

    What are you smoking right now?

    Needed calm. Farm custom BHK52 and tea.
  15. Rye

    CCF hat pre-order

    I’ll be in for 3 & 4 They'll match the hoodies nicely!