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  1. Rye

    Snuff tobacco

    I think I’m ready to take the plunge and try it out to help lay off the darts at work and not kill anyone. Thanks tons for the post!
  2. Seeing Liamrig makes me yearn, not gonna lie. Hope you had an awesome birthday man!!
  3. Man I’ve missed y’all!! New job and been busy as hell but still getting in a good stick here and there. Managed to get 6 good friends out to my spot this weekend for some mountainous good times and really enjoyed a nice RyJ while out shooting. (BTW, getting 6 men in their 40’s together at once in the same spot is like trying to wrangle cats)
  4. Rye


  5. Long overdue for a good visit and cigar. Fantastic custom farmie torp with super dark wrappers.
  6. Rye

    What's in your bowl?

    That’s a great pic @Moe-Smoke!! @ontariopiper if that’s what passes for a messy bench, oh man. I need some shop cleaning time! But i do still know where everything is!
  7. Those lancies look delicious! What are they?
  8. Rye

    What's in your bowl?

    Loaded a bowl of Solani Virginia flake with perique. Super tasty stuff!
  9. Rye

    What's in your bowl?

    Enjoying a sampler of a nice pirate cake. I may have let this one dry a touch too much so I had to sip pretty slowly to avoid cooking out my cob, but the tastes were bang on.
  10. I don’t get back to the isle nearly as often as I should, but next time I’m there I will look you up! Usually i end up smoking solo at the head waters of the Sooke river or up at Cowichan looking at a lake. Never shared smoke with a BOTL in the isle yet and plan on fixing that.