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  1. Bos

    Cuba Spring 2019

    Thanks for looking out for me Brother!👊🏽
  2. 5th stick from a 2013 box. Reminds me of the herf when @Serie-T bombed me my first RASCC. I thought it would be an appy. Turned out to be a 3 course meal that knocked me on my ass. The rest is CCF history. This box is finally hitting it's stride IMO. I don't see it lasting too long. Paired with these delicious baked goods. ROTR
  3. @surreypuffer had so many good things to say about these 13 Quai D'orsay Coronas I thought I would take advantage of some downtime and revisit this forgotten box. Hat tip to @dvickery for this box recommendation.
  4. I'm in. Style 1 please. Not really a hat guy but will always support the Forum. Thanks @DrinkSmokeGolf #CCF4LIFE Merch idea for 2019: Sweatpants with CCF on the ass.
  5. Congrats. Buy a bunch of Boxes with this date code when you can!
  6. Now this is how you post a purchase! Everything you need all in one post. Not one post for every box. I love it Great haul @Quickme. Welcome back. . .
  7. Another smokey BC night and another Behike before bedtime.
  8. All good choices IMO. I'd love to see if the Black Markets still explode.
  9. Johnny O Custom from 2013. Went pretty deep on these when they were all hyped up. Only "Non Cuban" that ever had that Cuban twang. After 5 years they are finally hitting their stride. Much different from when they were fresh. Anybody in on those group buys or victims of bombing runs wondering when to light these up I would say now is as good a time as any.
  10. Awesome stick and the jar is must have for collectors.
  11. Behike for a quick commute this morning. Loving the traffic pattern change. Cuts my time in half.