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  1. I think I still have that cab. I might dip in once I get over this cold.
  2. How did the watch turn out? What did she end up grabbing?
  3. Are these from the box split from @Serie-T??? 🤮😖🤮
  4. Bos

    Cuba Spring 2019

    Thanks for looking out for me Brother!👊🏽
  5. 5th stick from a 2013 box. Reminds me of the herf when @Serie-T bombed me my first RASCC. I thought it would be an appy. Turned out to be a 3 course meal that knocked me on my ass. The rest is CCF history. This box is finally hitting it's stride IMO. I don't see it lasting too long. Paired with these delicious baked goods. ROTR
  6. @surreypuffer had so many good things to say about these 13 Quai D'orsay Coronas I thought I would take advantage of some downtime and revisit this forgotten box. Hat tip to @dvickery for this box recommendation.
  7. I'm in. Style 1 please. Not really a hat guy but will always support the Forum. Thanks @DrinkSmokeGolf #CCF4LIFE Merch idea for 2019: Sweatpants with CCF on the ass.
  8. Congrats. Buy a bunch of Boxes with this date code when you can!
  9. Now this is how you post a purchase! Everything you need all in one post. Not one post for every box. I love it Great haul @Quickme. Welcome back. . .
  10. Another smokey BC night and another Behike before bedtime.
  11. All good choices IMO. I'd love to see if the Black Markets still explode.