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  1. Merry Christmas Eve eve Brothers!
  2. Bos

    Craigslist Specials

    Does CCF or @CigarDave get a cut?
  3. Bos

    Scotch talk

    Sometimes being an airport shuttle pays off. Will need to do some research but more than happy with the gesture.
  4. @ToothlessCog I'm definitely into it. Got to ep 3 so I wished I started with a bigger stick.
  5. Super Partagas + super powers = Super Saturday.
  6. Nice stuff @bulldog4. Meet up for a herf soon so you can showcase your gits
  7. Bos

    Dvickery sad news

    Just stunned. Always generous and patient with time and knowledge with those just starting out in the hobby. Shared tidbits with me that I still use today. RIP Brother
  8. Another incredible Mag 46. Tubo from 2013 group buy. Pretty confident in saying the tubos age better than the boxes.
  9. PSD4 from 2012. Can't think of a better all around cigar for me personally. Love the size and the flavours. Consistency and construction never fails.
  10. Hope everyone is having a stellar weekend.
  11. I hate when they hide the date code!
  12. RYJ Robusto tonight. Cuban twang really coming through.
  13. I think I still have that cab. I might dip in once I get over this cold.
  14. How did the watch turn out? What did she end up grabbing?
  15. Are these from the box split from @Serie-T??? 🤮😖🤮