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  3. AB Coyol and some Coffey on this gorgeous evening...
  4. Enjoying a PSD4 while building a grind box for the kids.
  5. Just found a guy selling them. Heaven Hill distillery emptied May11th. He's asking $150 per barrel. My neighbour wants one for his beer making, and since I am the neighbour with pickup truck sounds like I will be heading to pick up a couple at least, lol! They are located about half hour west of London. If you are interested let me know I'll send you the info. Or I can grab one for whoever wants. I have room to store a few in my shed or basement for a few months or we can arrange a pickup spot. Good excuse to meet and have a cigar!
  6. A Bahia Maduro with Mount Gay XO and some reading material to cap off the all too short weekend.
  7. Messing around in the garden with a great CoRo and cold beer
  8. Yesterday
  9. Papo La Rosa and a lager on a hot afternoon..
  10. You're very welcome! Out of the B&B line up that I have tried, this was the best one.
  11. Trinidad Coloniale that was bombed to be my @Rusty Nail about 2 years ago. Enjoying this cigar at the campground with the new trailer we bought. First camping trip this year! Excellent stick for the occasion. Thanks @Rusty Nailagain for sending me these sticks
  12. Good to know, I was beginning to look around for one to try.
  13. Never ending yard work. But this little beauty made up for it.
  14. Aristocrat courtesy of brother @Cisco...
  15. Done gardening for the day so enjoying a Brickhouse and Four Roses.
  16. Victor Sinclair and a house session brown ale...
  17. RA Gorditos yesterday. This cigar is smoking great!
  18. My last Quai D’Orsay after a nice brunch outside on this sunny Sunday.
  19. Had a great evening with a couple of my besties. AF OPUS X with some fantastic local Sherry casked whisky.
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