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  1. Today
  2. Lgc petite Gloria Mauro with a gin and tonic
  3. BRS JUL 12 Esplendido tonight. Cheers.!
  4. H Upmann Royal Robusto and some Laga.
  5. Don’t know if you found some info but follow the link below for more info,
  6. Watching Hurricane and enjoying a wide Churchill
  7. Bacchus

    The nub bowl

    Excellent RG Nordico Baltico tonight...
  8. Whisky muleing😮 Only about half are mine (shown). Some are like long lost friends as I bot them back in January, February, March., etc. Some are recent finds like $49 Deanston 12 yo one sale at the Co-op. Yes, my friends, Calgary even has a Co-Op that sells whisky (and it's not even the best place to buy single malt).
  9. No worries brother. I had totally forgotten there was another Baltic release!
  10. Well deserved (if I say so myself) Deanston 12, DAB and Siglo II after a just shy of 10 hour drive door to door (new record!) Calgary to Vancouver. First cigar since Tuesday too. Yumm!
  11. Had I'd known my friend, I would have kept it for you!
  12. Nice! As a man of Baltic origins those are on my list... And the white whale vikingos
  13. A splendiferous celestiales finos. (said in my best Sylvester the cat voice) Paired with a fairly authentic long island
  14. Last of my RG Nordico Baltico North Star with some New Brunswick Pastis tonight...
  15. Today marks 8 years of the passing of my dad. Felt I should celebrate his life with a special stick. Normally not a cohiba fan but this was outstanding. Thank you @mcicvara for this special occasion cigar
  16. Yesterday
  17. Felt bad killing this one without you, my brother. 😉
  18. Another dead soul... The horror! Lol!
  19. Montecristo No. 4 (SUE MAY15) paired with some Blanton’s.
  20. Charter oak and a Hoyne Golden Lager.
  21. Bacchus

    The nub bowl

    Awesome Media Luna this afternoon...
  22. Alec Bradley 2nd and a house cider made with @Bacchus a couple years ago. Look at the bubbles in that thing!
  23. Rinse and repeat; This time with a Media Luna...
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