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  1. Today
  2. Hoyo de Rio Seco, the best cigar this year so far. And Mad MoFo that was pale in comparison.
  3. Cornelius and Anthony Meridian and some Deanston Olorosso cask single malt.
  4. Beauty. Can you burn peat in it?
  5. Looks nice @Toolguy!
  6. CAO Pilón and some Taylor Fladgate 325th Reserve Tawny...
  7. Yesterday
  8. I had an idea to turn a Cocktail Smoker on my lathe in the form of a UFO. Works great! Made with local Garry Oak from Victoria. I have a video of it in action but won't load on this site.
  9. Man Blanton’s is a great Bourbon. Sanchez is in the look out for some lol. Had a neat tonight. Very good
  10. Down in South Carolina having a Perdomo and Piggy Bourbon
  11. Last week
  12. Customs came back today. I'm going deep in custom rolls, I see factory produced official cigars becoming unattainable pretty soon for the average Joe in terms of price. I'm buying cigars to smoke, not to resell so bands and boxes arent an issue for me. Into the freezer they go now.
  13. Hoyo and some Tomatin after a hard day cutting wood. LOL
  14. NOV 17 Epicure Especial on the eve of my daughter's birthday. Time flies.
  15. Oliva serie G maduro and some Weller's tonight...
  16. DE factory smokes Connecticut and a house ale...
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