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  1. John

    Headed to Cuba in 9 days

    No, I did't really... We had lunch in Havana one day and lunch on the dive boat. Lunch on the dive boat was the best thing I ate the whole time, fresh lobster... ans it only cost 12CUC
  2. John

    Headed to Cuba in 9 days

    Trip was pretty good. I bought a box of psd4 and cohiba robusto. I’m vert glad I saw the government price list before I went though, I had a guy in the store try and sell me some ryj no.3 for 4x the list price haha. Spent a day in Havana, and went to varadero a couple afternoons. Apart from that, we got a little scuba diving in, lots of cigars, and lots of booze. I honestly don’t know if I’ll go back though. Food was terrible
  3. So I come home from my holiday to discover my condo has been blown up by quickme!! Thank you so much, I had truly forgotten how generous the cigar community is. But beware, I did just get back from Cuba.... just sayin...
  4. John

    Headed to Cuba in 9 days

    Okay, thanks. Mines a submariner so not overly flashy but fairly recognizable
  5. John

    Headed to Cuba in 9 days

    Headed to Veradero but we were planning a day trip to Havana. I'm going to head out and grab stuff to give out as tips next week (and cash too)
  6. Back in the olden days when I was active on puff we would have vherfs where we'd all sign on to google plus and video chat while smoking... is this still a thing?
  7. John

    I'm back baby!!

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back!! I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone (again) and to start building my collection again!
  8. well, I'm heading to Cuba in a week and a bit for my first vacation in 5 years! I know Irma might put a slight damper on things but hopefully it and Jose will be past by then. I'm getting pretty excited to pick up a couple boxes while I'm there further to this: I do have a question. I have a fairly nice watch which I wear everyday and quite frankly feel naked without but I have been admonished by friends and family not to wear it to Cuba. It's insured so not the end of the world if lost but people are telling me that 1. It's rude to wear something like that in a poor country and 2. I am asking to get robbed thoughts?
  9. Hi everybody!!! I just thought I'd pop by, I'm back and starting to smoke cigars again. I'm heading to Cuba in a couple weeks so hopefully I'll stock up
  10. haha i don't even remember what the bandless ones are.. I just threw those in for fun
  11. frog morton has been on my wish list, never tried it but heard great things
  12. John


    man I really want to buy a kilt but cannot find anywhere good to get one here. I will have to figure out which tartan to get first. I am entitled to where 4 different tartans but havent decided which I like most.