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  1. AVO Syncro Nicaragua and a craft brew.
  2. Round two with a La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amour.
  3. A nice Monte to start the night.
  4. Whoa, a rare break from the norm; or did I miss the news about RR going out of business. What's next, you sparking a Nicaraguan stick? 😉 BTW zero IBU means no measurable bitterness to the beer. I find this hard to fathom. What did you think of it?
  5. A craft IPA and Tatuaje Verocu at Q with a buddy.
  6. Stopped at Q for the late MNF game. Not a great game but the company was good.
  7. It will be very easy to tell who you draw for the 2019 rendition of the secret santa.
  8. Stopped at Q for a burger, beer, and a cigar.
  9. Stopped at Q for a cigar and a beer with a buddy.
  10. Yes, as California has a 65.08% state tax on cigars. Several states have none.
  11. Serie V Melanio with friend.
  12. Perdomo Lot 23 Maduro and a local craft brew.
  13. They can be found at a good price and are worth it.
  14. Welcome back to CCF Chris. Hope you stick around this time. 😊