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  1. Closing the weekend in Sin City with some video poker and an Undercrown Maduro.
  2. Yes I did. Both the natural and maduro. I like the maduro better, but that does not mean I dislike the natural. These are quite good. Gotta thank you for sending me the first one.
  3. Well I would like to start off by saying that by the time it was smoked I had plenty to drink while doing lots of gambling. That being said I was with another BOTL and had commented to him that it was very sweet smelling (maybe floral on nature) and as sweet on the taste. A hint of chocolate and coffee. The standout part was the aroma, it was great! I have four more in the Humi as I purchased a fiver from a fellow brother. Looking forward to the next one and I will pay more attention. If the others smoke like this one I will have to find more. Bottom line is that it was SWEET........ literally speaking.
  4. Perdomo Habano Sun Grown playing late night....... Ummmmm early morning video poker.
  5. An outstanding Ramon Allones. This vitola is a new try for me.
  6. What are your thoughts on this stick?
  7. Saint Luis Rey to close out the night while donating at the casino.
  8. My last Graycliff that my brother brought me back from the Bahamas.
  9. The Tabernacle Havavna Seed 142 Connecticut.