Tatuaje Edición ERH Teased for 2020


I am a huge Tatuaje fan, so hearing that there is going to be a new line of Tatuaje brought some joy to my day.

Posted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2019


There will be yet another new line of Tatuaje from the Doral, Fla.-based El Rey de los Habanos.

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje posted a picture of the new Edición ERH to his Instagram account and indicated that it was being targeted for release in summer 2020.

Johnson did not reply to a text message seeking more details about the cigars.

In recent years, Johnson has stated that he is wanting to increase the number of cigars Tatuaje makes at El Rey de los Habanos, the small Miami factory owned by the García family of My Father. The Garcías made the first Don Pepín Cigars and Tatuajes at the El Rey de los Habanos factory in Miami over 15 years ago.

Since making that proclamation, Johnson has added a variety of new cigars from the factory, many under the Escasos banner. Johnson’s original Tatuaje brown label sizes are still made at El Rey de os Habanos.


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