Cult Cigars And The People Behind Them


By Gregory Mottola
From Kurt Russell, July/August 2019


Think of the definition of a cult movie: It’s a film that goes outside of the mainstream; incorporates unusual themes ranging from the subversive to the taboo; is shown in very few theaters and, most importantly, is known only to a relatively small, but passionate fan base that can appreciate something different. Eventually, cult films become cult classics, such as Night of the Living Dead or The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Now, apply that same idea to cigars. It may sound strange to the uninitiated, but the cigar world does indeed have a subculture of smokers who place high, sometimes fanatic, value on rare and obscure cigars unknown to the average enthusiast. What sets these fans apart from your typical aficionado is how far they’ll go to get their hands on something worthy of cult status.

Would you be willing to travel across the country only to wait in line for two hours in the cold just to have the opportunity to buy one or two cigars from a box of limited smokes? Or maybe tattoo your favorite cigar brand across your chest? How about paying $125 just for one, rare cigar? For a cult fan, extremism can be par for the course.

We’ve assembled a list of brands that started out as cult cigars, some of which have grown into cult classics. Cigars like these have been able to create small vortexes within the main current of the cigar industry. It may surprise you to hear some of the extremes that fans have gone through to get them.


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