Les Fines Lames Launching Le Petit Model


Posted on: August 12, 2019

Next month, Les Fines Lames, the French cigar knife maker, will be launching all-new model that is both smaller and more affordable.

The Le Petit by Les Fines Lames uses the same basic design and materials as the original cutter, but it measures just 4.53 inches long with a 2.55 inch blade. The original is 5.83 inches long.

It’s largely the same concept, the knife opens like a regular folding knife, but the handle features a cut out to place the cap of a cigar in. When the blade gets folded back into the handle, it passes through the cut out, cutting the cap. The new version features a semi-circle instead of a full circular hole like the original. Les Fines Lames says it can fit up to 70 ring gauge cigars.

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