2018 Best Year For Handmade Cigar Imports Since 1997!


By David Savona

Break out the square-toed shoes, put Nirvana on the sound system and crack open a Zima: the U.S. cigar industry has the look of the late-1990s. The final numbers for 2018 are in and imports of premium, handmade cigars rose 9.7 percent, to 362 million units, the best year for imports since 1997, the final days of the 1990s cigar boom.

Powered by exceptionally robust shipments of cigars from Nicaragua, the leading producer of handmade cigars for the American cigar market, this marked the fourth year in a row where premium cigar imports to the U.S. have grown. It’s also the seventh consecutive year with imports of more than 300 million units, according to numbers provided by the Cigar Association of America.


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