The Tale of Trindad


By David Savona

Cuba threw a huge party in February centered around the 50th birthday of the Trinidad brand, but that golden anniversary left many people scratching their heads. For most of its history Trinidad was a shrouded in secrecy and mystery. It didn’t become widely known until the 1990s, and the cigar as we know it today has only been sold since 1998.

The first mention of Trinidad in the pages of Cigar Aficionado came in Autumn 1992, the first issue of the magazine, as a sidebar to a feature story on Cohiba. Called “Trinidad: The Best Kept Secret in Cuba,” it was the first time that many people had heard of the brand, including some people in Cuba’s cigar industry.

“This cigar is so secret,” the article stated, “that few individuals, including executives at the government-run Cubatabaco, are aware of its existence.”

At the time, Trinidads were made in one size only, a 7 1/2 inch-long by 38 ring gauge lancero that mirrored the dimensions of the Cohiba Lancero. The cigar was not created to be sold, but only to be given as a gift by Fidel Castro, the leader of Cuba at the time.

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