What We Talk About When We Talk About Spicy Cigars


Pretty good article here from Maxim about what “spicy” means when describing a cigar…For what its worth I think Terence Reilly, GM of Quesada gets it right. Check out the article below.

Back in his day, your grandpa could smoke a couple of boxes a week and still taste his meals. No longer. Like beer, cigars have gotten stronger as palates have grown accustomed to industrial-size tastes (Lime-a-Rita, Doritos® Jacked, Sriracha). Cigar stores have gotten so much darker it can look like someone is leaning on the dimmer. Light brown has gotten downright muddy, and because much of a cigar’s flavor is derived from the wrapper leaf, that means spice, strength, kick, or body, depending on who’s talking. Read more…



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