Arturo Fuente Work of Art Maduro (WOAM)

Brand Arturo Fuente
Name Work of Art Maduro (WOAM)
Vitola Figurado
Country of Origin Dominican Republic
Wrapper/Filler/Binder Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro/Dominican/Dominican
Box Code n/a
Date Smoked August 22, 2014
Paired With n/a
Tasting Notes A very good cigar with notes of raisins and dry cocoa


It’s Non-Cuban (NC) Week on the forum so I decided to start the week out with a WOAM. I’ve had two of these resting in the humi for at least a couple of years so I figured it was time to put one to fire! It’s a very interesting cigar. The shape is unusual as you can see…
Overall, a great looking cigar I would say. The maduro wrapper is very dark and smooth. There are no soft spots.
I gave it a cut and fired it up. The draw is a little too tight in the early stages so I chop a little more off…this fixes the draw.
The initial draws are quite sweet and I’m tasting raisins. There is a slight tingle on the tongue as the finish lingers.
The flavour profile stays quite consistent. I’m still getting a lot of raisin and I’m actually reminded of a grape wine gum.
The burn and draw are excellent. No touch ups required at all with this cigar.  There is a bit of a nicotine kick. I would say medium strength and medium bodied.
As I get into the last half of the cigar, the flavour profile shifts slightly and I taste dry cocoa.
The dry cocoa does quickly dissipate however, and I’m left with the raisin profile from earlier. I start to lose interest near the end of the cigar as there’s not much going on so I put it down. Smoking time was 50 minutes.
Overall, a very enjoyable cigar with a unique profile. 88 points.


88 Very Good
  • Appearance 90
  • Construction 90
  • Flavour 84
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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