Partagas Serie Du Connaisseur no.2


Special thanks to Rye for this great review


PVC SA OO gifted from brother REASON 
Gorgeous construction on this 38rg x166mm long panetela. An oily, light Colorado shade wrapper with light veins, a perfect pack, and a rustic, flattened triple cap smells of breakfast baking from the foot, and dusty cedar from the body. 
I punch the cap with a Remington Magnum 7mm casing and reveal a perfect draw tasting of mild straw and spice. 
The cigar takes very quickly to my cedar spill and bursts into action on this beautiful Sunday morning. 
Immaculate balance and flavours of tea and leather greet me, with little to no spice. 
Cool, thick, coating smoke with every long slow draw I take reveals a retro-hale of ultra-mild floral notes based in green tea, and leads to a long and complex finish. 
The stacked, nearly black ash drops 30mm in. 
Hello Partagas! The strength really kicks in going into the second third. 

Leather and wood come to the forefront after the ash dropped. Full rich smoke with earthy notes replacing the tea in the draw and on the palate, but the tea remains in the retro, while the floral notes are gone, or just overpowered by the increase in strength. There is plenty of bite, but not any pepper, which I find interesting, and it’s leaving a mild numbing in the mouth, yet still an ultra-smooth retro. I sip my Cuban Serrano milk coffee at the half, and the finish still lingers long after the drink. 
Coming into the final, the coffee pairs fantastically and brings out espresso notes, while leather and a dark olive vegetal taste and spice develops as the power continues to increase. 
In a moment of bliss, I am greeted by a visitor that has no interest in me, but seems thankful that I’ve planted many more flowers this year. 
Baking spices come in to the final, and the retro is getting powerful. A charred oaken taste on the layering finish washes well with coffee. 
Into the end, the power eases slightly allowing me to enjoy the last tastes of black tea and baking spice. 
I am very grateful to Chris for allowing me to sample such a fine example of a cigar from the past. 
After smoking a Partagas 898 from 2008 last night, this was really a great follow-up and showed great contrast between the changes in Partagas profile. 
This was one wonderful smoke, and I don’t usually give a numbered rating, but if I had to, this would score a 98 for me. 
Superb and memorable. 


98 Classic
  • Appearance 98
  • Construction 98
  • Flavour 98
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