Headley Grange Estupendo

Brand Crowned Heads
Name Headley Grange
Vitola Estupendo
Country of Origin Nicaragua
Wrapper/Filler/Binder Sumatra Ecuador/Nica/Nica
Box Code N/A
Date Smoked 05/24/2014
Paired With N/A
Tasting Notes One dimensional, but a good, straight forward smoke


I felt like a little something different yesterday so I reached into my non-Cuban humi and grabbed a Headley Grange. I picked up a few of these on their initial release but had yet to try one. It’s a great looking cigar. The wrapper is a medium shade of brown and looks very well constructed. There’s a great looking band on this cigar as well.


There is a fair bit of sweetness present on the wrapper. I give it a punch and a cold draw. I detect a little bit of a floral taste on the cold draw.

I fire it up and take a few long draws. The flavours in the early stages are quite muted – I’m really not picking up much of anything. The burn starts off well and stays that way throughout the smoke.

The body on this cigar is medium and the strength low. This cigar has rested in my humidor for a couple years so that could have something to do with the low strength.

As I make my way through the smoke the body builds closer to full and leaves an oily, full mouthfeel. It is also putting off tons of smoke.


Unfortunately, as I make my way through this cigar I find the flavour profile to be very one dimensional. There is lots of natural tobacco and cedar present but not much else. There is a slighty “ashy” finish on some draws which is not very appealing.



There were no re-lights required with this smoke. I left it at rest for several minutes at times and it did not go out. A great smoke for the golf course maybe?



87 Very Good

One dimensional, but a good, straight forward smoke.

  • Appearance 90
  • Construction 90
  • Flavour 81
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 92

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