Then & Now: Rice’s Cigar Store and Bath Rooms


Posted on: November 22, 2020

Post by: Deb Exel


Over the years the store has changed hands, but the cigar store, founded in the 1890’s, used to serve as a place to get a smoke, bath and shave.


A bath, shave and a smoke…you could get it all at R.L. Rice’s cigar store, at 108 Dunlop Street, conveniently located between the Barrie Hotel and the Queen’s Hotel, in the Brown Block.

Mr. Rice, originally from Whitby, was known to carry the finest brands of cigars, tobacco and cigarettes as well as the largest and best stock of pipes and smoker’s accessories north of Toronto. In 1896, his shop had four hot and cold baths, and the water was always hot! He was said to be a popular fellow, an enthusiastic volunteer fireman and a prominent citizen.

Meanwhile, also in the 1890’s, two brothers married two sisters.


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