Best Cigars of 2012


Well, another year has come and gone! With it, were many great cigars. My top 5 cigars enjoyed this year were:

#5. Liga Privada #9 Robusto (box code unknown)
-Awesome chocolate bomb. Construction/burn always perfect on these.

#4. Cohiba Siglo I (2011)
-My go-to quick smoke. Very complex for a small cigar. See review.

#3. Montecristo #2 (2011)
-Very sweet and delicious. A great classic cuban.

#2. Cohiba BHK 52 (2011)
-A cuban powerhouse of flavour. See review.

#1. Trinidad Robusto T (2010)
-These taste like butter – they really do! Fantastic cigar.


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