Cohiba Robusto

Brand Cohiba
Name Robusto
Vitola Robusto
Country of Origin Cuba
Wrapper/Filler/Binder Cuban
Box Code POU MAY 13
Date Smoked 06/08/2014
Paired With Gray Monk Pinot Gris
Tasting Notes A great cigar with an unbelievably good first third


I managed to steal an hour away for myself yesterday so I decided to fire up a stick. As June is Robusto Month on the forum I went with a Cohiba Robusto (CoRo). CoRo’s are great looking cigars and this sample was no exception:


I gave this beauty a punch and fired it up. The first couple of draws were surprisingly spicy with a very long finish. I detected a little bit of saltiness in the early stages as well. The spice quickly dissipates and I’m left with a very rich, smooth cigar. There is some sweetness similar to honey also. It’s an absolutely terrific cigar at this point. There is gobs of rich, aromatic smoke and a delicious full finish. It is very well balanced, with some sweetness and a little bit of spice and cedar on the finish. It’s a cracker of a cigar!


Unfortunately, as I enter the 2nd third, the flavour profile tames down quite a bit. A lot of the sweetness has disappeared and is replaced with natural tobacco flavours and cedar. It’ s certainly not bad at this stage, just nowhere near the levels of ecstasy experienced in the first third. The body has come down to medium and the strength is low to medium.

There is some complexity to this cigar. As I enter the last third, the spice ramps up a bit and I start catching some minty, earthy notes.


This cigar was beautifully constructed. There were no relights or touchups required. It really was just a joy to smoke. The first third of this cigar was easily among the best cigars I’ve ever tasted. I would have rated it 95+ if it stayed on that path. Unfortunately, it was not to be. Regardless, if you do not have any CoRo’s in your collection, try to snag some!


92 Outstanding

A great cigar with an unbelievably good first third

  • Appearance 93
  • Construction 93
  • Flavour 90
  • User Ratings (5 Votes) 61

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