Montecristo #5


Special thanks to Serie-T for this review!


They say Great Things come in small packages , tonights cigar was just that! i just recently acquired a 12′ box of Monte #5 which this was the first stick of many great smokes to come


I go through my normal ritual of first giving the cigar a look over,the gorgeous perlas smooth delicate colorado claro wrapper just glows ! after a pinch test to check for possible hard spots ,a snip with the palio and it was ready to be lit.

1/3: It starts off with a toasted tobacco , burnt espresso , and white pepper on the retrohale. as it passes its first inch or so the cigar starts to settle down and this is where the magic begins. hints of nice sweet coffee/mocha shines through truly reminding me what a great montecristo can be like!


2/3: as i reached the halfway mark of the cigar not much as changed, white pepper disappeared but the mocha / coffee remained. The ash is still holding strong at this point , nice thick grey ash ( great sign of a very well constructed cigar). as soon as i finished saying that,i now have a lap full of ash haha



3/3:Very few cigars of late have given me the experienced that this little stoogie has done tonight, i didnt think it could do anymore , to my surprise this last 1 1/2 ” blew my mind! flavors start to intensify, puff after puff it just keeps getting better chocolate, nuts, coffee. absolutely no signs of it being a young cigar.i unfortunately could not hold onto the nub any futher i put it down with the respect it deserves. Habanos S.A as i was starting to hate you so ,you reminded me why i fell in love in the beginning







89 Very Good
  • Appearance 89
  • Construction 90
  • Flavour 88
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