Tatuaje Brown Label

Brand Tatuaje
Name Brown Label
Vitola Corona Gorda
Country of Origin Nicaragua
Wrapper/Filler/Binder Nicaraguan
Box Code n/a
Date Smoked 03/31/2014
Paired With n/a
Tasting Notes My first Tatuaje – not bad but poorly constructed


I’m smoking about 90% Cubans these days. On those days that I’m feeling like a little something different I’ll reach for a non-Cuban. This was one of those days. I noticed I had a few Tatuajes sitting in the bottom of the humidor and I realized that I had never smoked a Tatuaje. Today would be the day…

I grabbed a brown label – it’s not the prettiest cigar in the world. The wrapper has a green hue to it. There are some very noticeable veins on this cigar. It feels solid in the hand though – there are no soft spots.


The pre-light aroma is faint. This cigar has sat in my humidor for a couple years so I guess the aroma has faded over time.

I give the cigar a punch and the cap explodes. I’ve never seen anything like it! There are obvious construction issues with this cigar. I give it a guillotine cut to try and fix the busted cap.


I light it up and thankfully, it is smokable. The initial draws are pretty good too – lots of leather with a very long finish.

Unfortunately, things quickly take a turn for the worse. I’m assaulted with very harsh pepper notes that burn my tongue and throat.

Within a few minutes I catch a pretty good nicotine buzz – this is a full strength cigar; a little too strong for my tastes.

Gladly, things do improve with this cigar. After the first quarter the pepper notes die down and it becomes a decent cigar. The body is nice and full and it is burning well. The finish is very long and pleasant with lots of leather present.


I will try this cigar again and hope for better construction.


80 Good

My first Tatuaje - not bad but poorly constructed

  • Appearance 82
  • Construction 70
  • Flavour 88
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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