Partagas Shorts

Brand Partagas
Name Shorts
Vitola Minuto
Country of Origin Cuba
Wrapper/Filler/Binder Cuba
Box Code ALT OCT 12
Date Smoked 03/05/2014
Paired With n/a
Tasting Notes Very strong and bold. A great short smoke if you can handle the nicotine.


It was Wednesday evening and I had a little time to kill so I decided to grab a Party Short out of the humidor. I inspected the cigar. It looked like so:


A very nice looking smoke indeed. The construction seemed spot on as the cigar was very firm with no soft spots. The pre-light aroma was wonderful with tons of sweetness.

I gave it a chop with my trusty Palio cutter and fired it up. The initial draw is quite spicy. The draw is perfect. The initial spiciness quickly dissipates but does rear its head from time to time throughout the smoke. The predominate flavour profile is spice mixed with some wood and leather. The finish is long and enjoyable.


The body is medium to full from the early stages and builds to full bodied at the half way mark. The strength follows suit. This is a very strong cigar and my head is already buzzing. A little too strong for my tastes. Perhaps some time in the humi will help.

The burn is good but does require a couple touch-ups. The cigar does not need any relights. The mouth feel is full and oily – very nice indeed. I find that if I rush the cigar it tastes a little sour. If I take my time between draws things improve.


Overall, this is a great full bodied smoke, but too strong for my tastes. I imagine some age will do it wonders. For such a small vitola, it burned quite long – about 45 minutes. I would highly recommend this cigar if you like big, bold cigars with strength to spare.



88 Very Good

Very strong and bold. A great short smoke if you can handle the nicotine.

  • Appearance 90
  • Construction 88
  • Flavour 86
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 89

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