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Hi all! This thread is just to get a general idea on how many hats I need to order.

Just so you are aware, I will not be needing payment on these anytime soon. Probably looking at Feb of next year.

Cost is going to be in the $30 range. These are not going to be cheap foam hats. They are high quality hats with an embroidered logo.
The hats will be snap back, so even if you have a big head they will fit you.

The design is below. I can mix and match hat colors so let me know which you prefer.

Please post below if you will be ordering one. Thanks to those that continue to support CCF!!!




Colour options:





1. DSG (Style 2)
2. Sanchez (Style 1 or 4)
3. jazie (Style 1 or 4)
4. holiday nation (Style 1 or 4)
5. MylesK (Style 1)
6. comanchekeen (Style 3)
7. Nick_O (Style 1 or 4)
8. Terrence (Style 1, possibly 3)
9. Quickme (Style 1,2 or 3)
10. AngryW00kiee (Style 3)
11. Mike (Style 4)
12. Rye (Style 3)
13. Rye (Style 4)
14. French1 (Style 3)
15. ToothlessCog (Style 1 or 4)
16. Hammer smokin' (Style 3)
17. daman2270 (style 3)
18. daman2270 (style 4)
19. bikermarc (style 4)
20. tricam_bob (style 4)
21. craftsman (style 1 or 4)


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I have a hard time finding hats that fit my block. Most sit on my head like a beanie. I like #1 and #3. I would order #1 first, to see how it fits, and if it fits good, I would then order #3.

Thanks DSG!

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