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Beer pairing


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I've been pairing beer and cigars more lately. I'm leaning more towards stouts and porters these days. I find the smokiness & chocolate pair beautifully with cigars. This is one of my current faves. For the guys in BC, check it out! Yellow Dog is out of Langley.






As the weather gets warmer I imagine I'll move on to lighter pale ales & hefeweizens.


What are your favourite beer pairings?

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in langley here, ill check out yellow dog @@DrinkSmokeGolf next time im in the store.

I lived in Powell river for 2 years and they have a great brewery there http://townsitebrewing.com/about-us/ anyways its run by one if not the only belgium brewmasters in bc/canada wih an engineering degree in brewing from brussels.

They make really great stuff, I used to fill up my growlers every week! But they have bottle also and I always grab a few cases when I go back to visit in the summer.

Anyways, some of my favorites are Zunga, Perfect Storm, Westview wheat, biere d'hiver and suncoast ale. He brews some real strong Belgium triples if thats your thing also ~10%.

They are in various stores in the lower mainland, give em a try!


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im finding rye ipa works well too the rye adds a little more spice then regular ipas 2 really good ones is rye the longface from parallel 49 in east vancouver and star struck rye ipa from deep cove brewery north van.. also im sounding like a parallel 49 whore but there new coffee infused beer parallogram is amazing with a montecristo

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Since I am deep down a beer guy, I would kinda like to get this thread going again.  I know that spirits are the more popular alcoholic drink to pair with stogies, but there is such a variety of beer styles and flavour profiles, it opens up a whole new world of exploring.


Over the past few years, we here in Ontario and Western Quebec have finally gotten our fair share of IPA's and West Coast Style Ales.  I say finally because you beer lovers out West have had these styles for years.  I still remember getting a wooden 6 pack of Granville Island brews given to me by my boss at the time who was visiting there.  Back when G.I. was a small micro, not owned by a large brewery.  That beer then was sublime, now it is pretty lame.  Too bad. 


So obviously, I like hoppy beers, but find them tough to match with cigars.  I would be interested to hear of any cigars you guys have found that pair with a hoppy beer.


Thanks, and Cheers

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I can match any beer with any cigar. Probably not a skill though.

Most excellent strategy!!

Some of the really bitter ipa's suck with cigars, but I've had a couple that were awesome to pair with.

Banff Ave brewery double ipa paired with a Robaina or Cohiba worked very well.

I'll remember more after scotch season closes and it's beer season

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