The nub bowl

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Sometimes, when the stars align just right, an amazing cigar will just work.

Right until the end.

If it's a good one, I keep going as long as it's not hot or bitter, and it still tastes good.

This thread is a dedication to those wonderful smokes that you just didn't want to end.

Let's see the nubs!


I loved every inch of this 07 H Upmann Monarchs while chatting with a few of the gents from the eastern chapters of the great CCF

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These don't always perform this nicely. This one started as a wind tunnel, but quickly smartened up. post-365-138837683027_thumb.jpg

It had an epic ash holding, but as often happens in the making of good cigarporn, I fu€£ed it up...

I find it funny how taking the pics has really become an enjoyable part of my smoking routine.

Here's the nub!


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