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  1. leatherman

    What's on the BBQ?

    The hot dogs weren't worth a pic, but the background is ok!!
  2. leatherman

    Formula 1

    @@OlDirtyEwok , @@Wilk INStheWEST is correct, gave up Montreal this year to go to Austin. Still have the Montreal seats though, couldn't give those up just in case hahaha.
  3. leatherman

    Quadruple Smoked Edmonton Herf

    Sounds awesome Steve!!
  4. leatherman

    Post your latest Cuban purchase

    Nice haul @@Steve31
  5. leatherman


    I'd say this is it!!
  6. leatherman

    Your new beer pick up

    A friend dropped off a few growlers from a new brewery in Edson. She brought me their Porter, Pale ale, and India session ale. Been a good sampling day!!
  7. leatherman


    Haven't participated in a while, Count me in!!
  8. leatherman

    Megaherf 2016

    Is this replacing RMS or in addition to?
  9. leatherman

    Netflix suggestions

    Master of none is great for a laugh, Aziz Ansari is a funny little dude!!
  10. leatherman

    Kitchen Tools

    Buy it at Knifewear?
  11. leatherman

    Kitchen Tools

    @@Carosem its an 8" chefs @@Rye I too have a lodge and use it every chance I can get
  12. leatherman

    Kitchen Tools

    My knife collection so far, can't decide which one is next
  13. leatherman

    Kitchen Tools

    Let's see your kitchen knife collection, favourite utensil, tool, cutting board, pan, whatever. Started my collection of knives and other must have kitchen tools, would love to see what others are working with.
  14. leatherman

    Hello From Edmonton, AB

  15. leatherman

    Post your latest purchase!

    I'm no knife expert either but I am really happy with them so far, and the price is reasonable for a nice set of knives