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  1. Genuine hand rolled is an understatement...
  2. something like that happened to me the other day, not as bad as your's... but I believe it was due to the cold windy day.. I had to constantly touch up the burn as it was tunneling and giving a bad burn..
  3. Guys, freeze freeze freeze... of all the boxes I've froze, I've only noticed at most 5 cigars that had some splitting at the foot but I do recall some may have had a slight bit of damage to begin with before the process.. these where the ones I smoked first..
  4. Thats not right!!!! Bastards.... I thought theres a law that they can not tax on top of tax.
  5. Curiosity

    Seeking Advise

    lobster pizza.. now that a first.. gotta try that one, one day.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, I recall reading that the clubs are a much stronger smoke as there is not much room for other filler leaves.. I'm guessing it all depends how many you smoke in 1 seating
  7. Thats great... glad to see you got good legit smokes this time.
  8. depends how big of a coolador you're talking about... if you're talking about them large ass camping coolers.. 2-3 large boveda's will do.. just have at least 2 calibrated hygrometers to keep on eye on the rh level. .. I have the large rubber maid toughman boxes and I only use 2 x 65 boveda's and it holds a nice 64-65rh. TBH, I have not even changed any since the start of winter.
  9. is that 2 boxes of 10?... oh boy.. lol
  10. any updated pic of what you got? I'm curious now if you've been had a second time.. lol.. hope not..
  11. fug that... giv'em all a chocolate cig.. easier on the budget.. nothing worst that seeing a 10$ stick get butchered then puffed for 2min.. and left all alone for the night..
  12. Just bring CAD and lots of it.. lol .. make sure its the new plastic bills.. They seem to want those over any of the older currency still in circulation.
  13. Curiosity

    The 13th cigar

    I agree.. it depends on who did the transaction and paid up front for the goodies. as for the box.. does it really matter who gets it?
  14. Curiosity

    Seeking Advise

    oh those ladies... Yeah.. had my fair share of BS from them... I stay clear for there.. My fav is LasAmericanas.. much more friendlier and willing to open the box.. I think the reason why I've not really had problems with LasAmericanas was because they knew I was buying the box. At worst case, purchase the box and open it in front of them.. They can't say crap but replace the box if there's something wrong with it.