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    Save for a special occasion? ....... I’d like to think that every time I smoke a cigar it’s a special occasion.

    - D. Vickery.

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    Dvickery sad news

    Ya this world and forum and lots of others lost a great person Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Dvickery sad news

    Miss ya buddy
  3. I’d just as soon sent it, ive been home 7 day in the last 10 weeks working out of two , who know when I’ll be back.
  4. I could take care of some of the older stuff, nothing 2016 older sadly. It’s been trying, but I’m sure I have Ninfas

    Dvickery sad news

    I’ve been trying to comprehend all this over the last 2-3 months and it’s been difficult to come to grips. I’ve been staying away from this thread for a minute trying to put words together that means more then just typing letters. He was my mentor, my sound board and I’ve been able to apply in my life much more then just cigar advice. I will keep you and your philosophy with me. I love you D [emoji851]
  6. They smoked well, long gone. Hope all is well Cheers Marcel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Smoke them, a great Cigar Smoker... I don’t want to mention... cause Derrek is such a great guy and wouldn’t want his PM’s blow up for more wise phrases so I won’t say. Ok well he said every occasion is a special occasion when I smoke a cigar.. I would smoke them tomorrow is never a guarantee and these don’t need anymore time [emoji23] Thanks and cheers, Chris
  8. I am but staying up in Ft Mac till we buy a house in Edmonton. Could be a few months
  9. I didn’t want them (bands) to fall into the wrong hands [emoji23][emoji23] I’m a firm believer that it brings a warm Peruvian goats milk and almond biscotti flavours to the table
  10. Maybe trade one across and we both can do it [emoji4]
  11. Sitting with the folks and extended family, I brought a couple 70’s Partagas Londres Extra to enjoy with my uncle as he was one of the few reason I got into smoking cigars, do to health issues he doesn’t get to smoke much these days. We enjoyed these oldies, it was a real treat to share them with him.
  12. I’m still very much simple.... I mean, you know what I mean I just don’t know how to say it.
  13. Oh...the fact the wife and I live 3600km from family won’t make it a staple, but man for the next few months while I’m on holidays are going to be pretty good 🤤🤤🤤
  14. Who’s stupid enough to “try” to ban the@Bos ? Even god knows better [emoji1317][emoji1317][emoji1317][emoji43][emoji43][emoji43]🤣