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  1. Louich

    Scotch talk

    Gawdammit, when NSLB is faste than the 5th bigest buyer in the world, we have a problem.... sigh lol Now who lives in NS again ? loll
  2. Louich

    Scotch talk

    nicely priced ! Ah the cairdeas, always a thick shroud surrounding tehir release... even in Ab it's hard to know this year... in Quebec, I'm not event holding my breath, they just dropped the ball on whisky since covid hit...
  3. Louich

    Scotch talk

    Where in the world have you seen some Buichladdich 10 ! 🤩 (solid suggestions btw)
  4. Louich

    Scotch talk

    Welcome man ! Good luck on those Black art, they are getting rare and expensiver each day unfortunately. Try to grab a 9.2 but decided to keep a kidney instead lol the SB 18 is hard to keep our hand off them, they are juust so well played, I loved each one I everhad the chance to get my hands on Good luck on the BA hunt !
  5. Louich

    Scotch talk

    KIlled this MP this weekend. was a stringht up Laddie profile (mayube even a bit too strainght) until oxydation started working it's magic. Opened up some cool pastry notes.
  6. Louich

    Scotch talk

    Whoa! I've been trying to find some of those, but since I have the pleasure of living in a monopoly controled zone, they wont ship 😞 Sauterne cask on top, this must be a superb dram !
  7. Same here, probably one of thest cheap and cheerful cigar around.... Hopefully they dont touch the RA SCC!
  8. Louich

    Scotch talk

    Oh will do ! I realised it's been way too long since I've posted a review! when Novembre starts I'm jumping in back in the game !
  9. Louich

    Scotch talk

    New guys came in, stupid sober october.... I'll fail I'm sure ahahaha La maison du whisky 2nd series, Linkwood 21 years from 5 Hogsheads. They got a suprising 58% out of their cask, I guess lazy angels were taking it smooth int the warehouse ahahah
  10. Louich

    Scotch talk

    Gawdammmmit! At least I tried (will try again mouahahahaha ) ! Seriously you nhit the kacpot my friend! Next time empty the shelves and shoot me a pm ahahahah
  11. Louich

    Scotch talk

    WOW! A superb Sprinbank haul man. If you wanna let some of those free lemme know! 😉 ahahahaha
  12. Louich

    Scotch talk

    GAWD DAMMIT !!!! (be back after fighting to upload them ahahah)
  13. Louich

    Scotch talk

    A couple of kills that makes my heart hurt, lucky me I am backed up! Lovely showing of what made Bruichladdich, Bruichladdich. Experimentation with many casks variations: Cote Rotie & Croze Hermitage (suprised it was, hermitage pair very well with peaty whisky, but this was a real nice one. Haut Biron, before the White tint series (1st growth) before the Micro provenance of the 90's, this is to the best of my knowledge one of the first Bdx finish bottle they made. And CLEARLY they quicly learned the potential of those cask a true red wine finish red fruits and a depth from the Pessac leognan region. And last but not least a weird PX and port cask combo, at first I was not sure, a weird profile far from what one would expect from a PX and port finish. with time and air it opened up and became a off Sherry profile winner, I dont know what kind of black magic went into this but it was a suprise they way it turend and I can assurer you I was more than pleased
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