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  1. A big congratulations to you and the wife. November 29 @ 8:09 pm
  2. After 11 months at Our House Addiction Recovery Centre in Edmonton I will graduate the program on April 30. I would like to thank all that have offered their support over the last year. It has kept me determined, humbled and positive. To say that I found peace in smoking cigars would be a understatement. During some of my worst moments being able to say "I need to go a cigar and think shit over" became the one of the most instrumental parts of my recovery. It gave me the time to look back and remind myself of why I came here and what needed to be done. Addictions can be a killer but for me an addiction to cigars has brought me life. I received a cigar a few months ago and told myself I would save it for a special event. Looks like Thursday will be the day for this. Thanks Rye. Thanks again everyone
  3. Congratulations on your milestone 1204
  4. If it is, i will smoke more of them
  5. Casa Magna Dominican Licey for the afternoon
  6. Black Lotus today, not half bad Not sure why they are coming out sideways though
  7. My first and not last Padron!
  8. Does anyone know about or smoked these cigars? Friend came back from the Dominican and purchased some of these for me. Information on the seems hard to find, any help would be appreciated.
  9. I have friends going to the D.R. next week and staying at Alsol village near Punta Cana. They want to go on a couple of cigar tours. I know of Tabacalera La Matilde and Tabacalera de Garcia in La Romana but are there others in the region as well?
  10. Gerald71

    A new twist

    I think i will try that with some of the less flavorful and cheaper cigars that i have. I still have a lot of leaf left that has been sitting
  11. And of course i do not return until tomorrow