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  1. Hello all A great Nicaraguan last night !! Full bodied & strong evening smoke....being more into NCs for the last year, this one does it for me !! Short story here....I've ran into many many unsmokable CCs in 2019, 22 sticks in all from major brands like Cohi, Monte, RyJ, Party, H Upmann...All these came from boxes dated 2017 / 2018 so there's possibly some tight boxes (& beginner rollers) out there !! It gets me mad to pitch an HU No 2 cause it's too tight & non smokable !!
  2. My best of 2018....humm that's a tough one !! I was pretty much into H Upmann offerings last year, many great vitolas in their line so I'll call the HU No 2 my ``best of`` as these were my special ones... To get 2019 started I went to this ``new`` little one from Cohiba, a great morning smoke !! Being on vacation this week, I do smoke a couple of shorties during the day...So last night treat was a SCDLH Oficios from 2006
  3. Happy New Year CCF !! 1st one of 2019 !!
  4. These seem to be quite popular lately....
  5. Tought I'd post these as I had some kind of H Upmann Day yesterday.... Corona Junior morning, Half Corona at lunch & Connie 1 evening....
  6. Some of this week end cigars.....pity this small Cohi was tight....Favorite HU Mag 54 for closing.....
  7. Cigars from the past few days, NCs.... Still cant figure out why the LFD brand isnt more popular here ? This Air Bender from 2012 had great flavors & was very well balanced...and paired nicely with coffee & dark chocolate !!
  8. Opened up a new box of MTPE last night, box code OBM ENE 17. New presentation with this piece of carton Inside an otherwise nice wood cabinet....I couldnt care less for that yellow carton.....Then this ``poor thing`` had quite some problems as it was very badly rolled....Strugled all along with finally let it rest & go for a small Ashton Esquire Maduro that saved the night..... Needless to say this MTPE box goes back in the bottom of the humi for quite a while....
  9. Had a friend come over for BBQ last night. Great time to sample those AJ Fernandez I recently brought back from the States.... H Upmann Toro...Good cigar, medium body, some transitions & strong Nic content as are most Nicaraguan Vitolas....
  10. H Upmann day....starting with a CJ at lunch & a fav Mag 54 this evening !! Love these 54s.....
  11. Yesterday smokes....NC Hoyo early morning, Monty Esp 2 (2004) at lunch & Padron Londres on a rainy evening...
  12. Long time away from CCF..... I tought a great way to be back was this order I brought back from the USA last week....Some regulars in there with some try-outs like those AJ Fernandez a lot of people talk about..... Smoked a few of their RyJ Robusto while in PA & it's a great smoke !! Upmann's Robustos were very strong even in late evening after a heavy meal at the local Steakhouse....
  13. Oliva O No 4 (5 x 43) My regular Sunday night cigar....