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  1. ‘13 Noellas tonight! Smoking really nice!
  2. Some sticks my sister brought back for me. Both boxes feb ‘19 sleeping in the freezer now then off for a long sleep in my coolers. They were not at the top of my list but spot on for pricing. 👍
  3. Congratulations Rye!
  4. Checking in on my ‘14 Sir Winston! Smoking very nice so far.
  5. A great ‘11 Fundy to finish of my night!
  6. Wow I must’ve been really good this year! A gift from some coworkers! ‘16 Cazadores 😋
  7. Feb ‘14. Partagas 898 smoking great tonight!
  8. Gordito! Last one from a great box! Happy I put a few boxes in the deep sleep cooler. 😉
  9. I spent my day run around the Aquarium with my 3 year old girl on her birthday! Now it my time to reflect on the last three years since she joined the home team! Tonight it’s a Lancero gifted from a great brother @surreypuffer!
  10. Feb ‘14 898 smoking great tonight!
  11. ‘12 Siglo III tonight. Smoking fine!
  12. ‘10 Gorditos tonight! Great smoke!
  13. (ULA FEB’14) LGC #2 and some Havana Club aged rum. 😁
  14. ‘13 Trinidad Reyes in the shed