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  1. Santorini, Greece

    I didn't find any when I was there. Athens would be your best bet.
  2. NFL Survival Pool 2017

  3. Word association

  4. Weekly DraftKings PGA Thread

    i am in for British open if you haven't sent me an invite yet! KINGCNS187
  5. Post your latest Cuban purchase

    NIce pickup, where ya headed @@quickme ?
  6. Post your latest purchase!

    new running shoes
  7. My 1500th post

    oh 121 was my guess lol
  8. My 1500th post

    those are solid averages, been playing darts a lot myself lately. 121 for me congrats.
  9. Cuba!!

    yup you hit the jackpot, LCDH right there with all the shops. Enjoy brother.
  10. Movies. The 5

    Shawshank Redemption Usual Suspects Goodfellas 12 Angry Men Se7en
  11. CCF Masters Pool 2016 - $5 entry

    Good luck everyone, anyone else taking a shot at the Millionaire?
  12. PGA

    for some reason I find the app much better. Anyways, count me out boys until the masters unless I hit 15k tonight in NBA lol
  13. Word association

  14. Hello from Mississauga

    Welcome Brother
  15. PGA

    seems like majority of us on Stenson. CharlieDon'tSurf with both Scott and Stenson!!!