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  1. Sorry @CdnStogie, you'll have to keep waiting. I didn't get an answer from kidvett so I guess they were sold to someone else.
  2. "The Boss Hog", Are you telling me I was close to Whistle Pig when I visited the Alchemist??? Damn!!! Did you stop at Ben and Jerry's in Stowe too? Nice whiskey gabs btw!
  3. Well, there was little hope of stopping this. Plain packaging begins in Nov. Retails get 1 year grace period to comply. 😞
  4. Wow, the band looks exactly the same as the cc. How was it?
  5. Cisco

    Scotch talk

    Nothing to see here...keep moving along. LOL! Completely agree, I think it's underrated...and I want to keep it that way!
  6. LOL! Couldn't have been me as I don't give away my Cohibas. 😜 I do seem to recall someone selling some "real good" cigars from Mexico, so it could have been him. 🤣
  7. Thanks @quickme! Really looking forwarding to trying it.
  8. LOL! Sorry bro, thought I'd drag you into the thread...mission accomplished ...Welcome Back!
  9. LOL!! Wine cooler guy eh? I hear @CdnStogie is the expert 😭....not that there's anything wrong with that.
  10. These are all very good and available. W.L. WELLER SPECIAL RESERVE BOURBON LCBO 405316 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 39.95 FOUR ROSES SMALL BATCH BOURBON LCBO 256230 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 48.20 EAGLE RARE 10 YEAR OLD KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON LCBO 604785 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 57.45 BLANTON'S ORIGINAL BOURBON LCBO 255349 | 750 mL bottle . Price: $ 70.05
  11. It's a great rum....I just finished my bottle, will be looking for more.
  12. Guilty as charged. Glad you enjoyed it!
  13. I've read good things about the Pikesville, but as you said, the price is an issue.
  14. What was your assessment on them?