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  1. That's WHY we like him. Actually I think he was exactly what the nation needed at the time and consider him to be a great LEADER. His Finest Hour speech brings a tear to my eye every time I read/hear it.
  2. @Rone - that's very kind of you sir but I can download it for free onto my kindle but appreciate the offer.
  3. I've eaten at 15 - Uno where it all started. It was terrific. My second best meal of my life was a steak I had in Chicago. It was mind blowing. Best by far was in Atlanta. Both were filet on the bone. In both cases I was with 2-3 others who also thought it was there best meal ever. As for cigars - I found a shop that had over priced cigars that sucked. So I won't tell you the name.
  4. I can't honestly say the same.
  5. In spite of all my travel I've never been to NYC. That's about to change. Saturday I drive my daughter to North Carolina arriving Monday evening. A pleasant 2,300 miles. Just a great way to spend the labour Day weekend. Tuesday early I fly to NYC and have the full day to play. I'm at a function Wednesday evening so I'll see more of the city up until 4pm. Once golf ends the next day I'll get dropped off at a hotel near JFK and I have the night to do whatever. My Friday flight home isn't until 6pm so again ... play and pizza time. BTW - $214 direct flight NYC to Calgary. That's awesome. I've already been searching for best pizza in the city but I'll likely focus on Queens side although Brooklyn seems to be where many are. I have no idea what i will do at night but I'm sure I can find some trouble somewhere. I'll do a bus / walking tour to see some of the main sites. i may take in a broadway show but there's more culture in yogurt so i may also pass on that!! Maybe I'll just stand on the street corner listening to people blow horns and swear at each other. And if there's any terrorist activity they can go F themselves. I'm not hiding in a hotel room - there's a city to see.
  6. You can always get another wife.
  7. 95% of my cigars are while driving on long trips. Looks like Friday I am driving from Calgary to North Carolina. I will smoke a few .... dozen. lol Occasionally 2-4 of us get together in PA and relax with a cigar and a bourbon. That's the best way to enjoy a cigar - shooting the shit with friends while chillin' with a good smoke.
  8. Abyss and Alesmith Speedway Stout were fantastic.
  9. San Lotano Oval Maduro is one of my favorites. Great flavor IMO, inexpensive and always perfect draw. I tried to resist but couldn't ... Diesel Unlimited in Maduro - LOVE them.
  10. The last lion is on my list of books to read. For some reason I'm fascinated by anything WWII related especially regarding Auschwitz.
  11. Damn I missed this when originally posted. I was born a die hard Habs fan and still think Beliveau was the second coming but it is impossible not to have the greatest of respect for Mr. Hockey. Canada is so blessed with so many legends who carried themselves with class while doing anything to win. Howe was and shall always be one the the greatest of Canadian legends and ambassadors of the greatest sport on earth. May he RIP.
  12. Thanks @Rye. I have a list of about 40 and Firestone Walker double jack is on it. I will check out the others you mentioned. Thx. I have updated the list yet with Gigantic but so far: Alesmith My Bloody Valentine Alesmith IPA Alesmith DIPA Bell's Expedition Stout Bell's Third Coast Ale Bell's Special Double Cream Stout Golden Road Heal The Bay IPA Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast Stout Knee Deep Breaking Bud Founders Breakfast Stout Firestone Walker Double jack DUPA Clown Shoes Space Cake DIPA Bear Republic Hot Rod Rye Bear republic Racer 5 IPA Alesmith Wee Heavy Scotch Ale Alpine Hoppy Birthday American Pale Ale Alpine Duet Alpine Pale Ale .394 Alesmith Speedway Stout I've had two .394 and really enjoyed them. I'll get at least 6 more. I may also remove the Alesmith / Founders from this list because I can get them in the East and I'm heading to NY soon. I may as well load up with West Coast treasures while in San Diego. Interesting that Alpine Duet is a CA beer and 12 oz was $2.50 in NC and yet 22 oz is $8.50 in San Diego. Bizarre.
  13. Found it - $9.49 and added to my list for late September pickup. Also getting Alesmith Speedway Stout, Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast Stout Bell's Special Double Cream Stout Bell's Expedition Stout
  14. Good to know. I will try to find one in San Diego.
  15. I will consider Samsung but HATED my Samsung cell phone.