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  1. Hey @Sanchezyou mean the players lighted sign? Not sure... A buddy showed up at my house with it and just gave it to me.. lol
  2. Those Colibri sv look awesome. The Colibri is my favorite v cutter, however I do find that 90% of the time I need to open the cut up halfway or more through the smoke. Either an X cut or straight to regular cut.
  3. Haven't posted here in a while. Here's my stash area. Desktops on the counter, wineador is under the counter, jars and empty boxes on the wall-shelving and my coolidors are all stacked on the left. No fancy wood standup humidors here, but the thought has crossed my mind.
  4. Like my momma said.. stupid is as stupid does.
  5. Sonuva... you are indeed correct. I am busted poor me. Where will I get cigars to smoke now?????
  6. I ended up calling Quality Importers and spoke with a guy who said he would find out what the situation is and call me back. I got an email from the lady I had been emailing with saying that they would be sending me a replacement. Had to put a little more effort in but looks like they will come through for me.
  7. I can't remember where I bought it but not Chewy.. Chewy is Canadahumidor right? I had trouble getting in touch with the first owners when I sent it in the first time to repair and Chewy offered to give me a hand if I could not get a hold of them but they eventually came through. These guys were great right off the bat but once it got lost on its way back to me they just stopped replying basically. I also wanted everyone here to know that these guys might seem to have great customer service until something goes wrong. That is the true test of a company.
  8. Latest purchase.. a single Hoyo Coronations. Times are tough... just had my third kid a couple years ago and the cigar smoking hobby has had to give way to other financial obligations. So for now, I will just enjoy my single Hoyo.
  9. Hey - anyone else here had problems with Palio on the warranty? They got bought out by Quality Importers at some point in the last year or two... but I have three of these cutters because they are great but the service is not going too well here. One of the cutters I have had problems with twice because the blades cut into each other.. I have had to send it in twice for the same problem, and pay to ship it back.. I basically could have bought a new cutter for the cost of doing this twice... but the worst thing is, the second time, it got lost in the mail. The UPS tracking they gave me said it was delivered, but its definitely not delivered... and they said they would call UPS and now they are ignoring my emails. What's a guy to do? Chalk it up to experience? Boycott Palio?
  10. Breitling


    Very nice knives, @BRAC Really dig the Sebenza. Love the milled grip. I tend to stick with the plain handles or the inlaid ones usually but I like that pattern. Pretty sure @Serie-T has the same Paramillie as you.. I got it for him through a friend at a discount over W&W. I haven't bought a knife in ages... but seeing these has my wheels turning
  11. They are.. i put them away but they're from 2016... can't remember the month.
  12. Smoking an incredible Punch Punch courtesy of @jazie
  13. Breitling

    Box pass

    someone take a selection of cigars from his or her collection then sends it out from one person to another, and each person has an opportunity to swap out cigars with their own.