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  1. It had some hints of greatness hear and there but overall didn't thrill me honestly. Wasn't bad by any means and I enjoyed it but compared to all the Fundies I've had of various years (which were amazing) I would take those over the Ingenios any day. I hope yours is bomb though. Interested to hear your thoughts when you dig into it.
  2. '07 Trini Ingenios and some Buffalo Trace tonight.
  3. Welcome aboard bro! Surprised you haven't been around already.
  4. FIL gave me this CAO Flathead to try. Not bad, but really mild.
  5. Golf Town demo day sale today. Picked up an R15 for 200$ hopefully get one more round in this year to actually hit this one on rhe course.
  6. Punch Coronations last night followed by a RYJ Cazadores. Happy halloween.
  7. Nice one! I did that one last year as well for the contest.
  8. Quiet rainy night here. HDM Epi 2 to accompany.
  9. Crown Shave stuff is great. Did you have a chance to smell the aftershave? It's one of my favorites lately. Really nice! Great pickups
  10. I'm going to try and get one going again. I'm so far behind on Halloween this year.
  11. I'll have to check it out. I'm a sucker for hummus. Thanks for the tip ! [emoji108][emoji109]