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  1. Alec Bradley Sanctum last night. Delicious and consistent cigar. May feature a review next time around.
  2. Socks, hole in slippers, beanie with 30+ Celcius and bullshittin' on ... I like it! 😁
  3. As fun as these experiments are, they are incredibly time consuming. In the end you should wonder if the change in flavour is worth just that. In reality, we smoke cigars well within the total time it takes to conduct experiments like this. The market today is saturated with cigar manufacturers; the sky is the limit when it comes to flavour; chances are that the flavour achieved in years of aging with one brand, is already there straight out of box by a different brand. I believe that these experiments were of higher value back in the day when the choice was limited and therefore demand for a different experience greater. Anyhow, this is purely how I feel about it with today's market in mind, wanting to enjoy the purchase sooner rather that later. However, for merely your own interest in the matter, it will of course be different and the information may be interesting for use in the fabrication process. Who knows?!
  4. Surprised to not see more response. Can you elaborate on shit construction? I mean, did the wrapper come undone, was there a terrible burn or soft spots?
  5. Guys / Gals, It's been a while but it starts to look like I'll be back sporadically. Over the years I've learned that this cigar hobby comes and goes for me personally; the good thing being that the enthusiasm never fails to strike again! Rockey Patel, we've all heard about the name carrying many brands and lines of cigars. Some of us being fan boys, others couldn't care a single damn. What however is a Rocky Patel cigar that you would recommend in a heartbeat? If you can explain as to why your recommendation, "Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh, that would be great. Aaalright then". (Office Space ... Popped into mind at the right time haha). Cheers!
  6. I actually have never seen NC's being cheaper than CC's haha! But you are definitely right on saying that there are lots of choices for the NC variety. Similar to the wine industry. Let's say that what France is to wines, is Cuba to cigars. However, the market and demand/production in other countries has matured tremendously and has allowed for infinite numbers of different blends to surface. Many boutique brands and an exlosion of product lines of excisting brands is the result. Utopia. I take it you are a a big fan of Cuban cigars. Did you find some NC's that you've gotten to like?
  7. SKS is a 7.62x39. Got tons of those lying around. 30-06 I'll consider my more luxurious model haha! Mostly smoking 48 to 55 ring gauge cigars, an odd corona here and there.
  8. Never ever thought of this! What a great idea haha. Since we're on the topic, what calibers are you using for a reasonable cut?
  9. Not a huge fan of 'sweetened' sticks but then, any cigar is worth a review! Thanks for that. Looking forward to reading what you think of the other lines.
  10. Thanks Limey. Yea, it's not a bad cigar. I'm not sure what flavours you generally enjoy in a cigar, but if the above suits your likes, you should definitely give this Perdomo line a try. Personally I'd smoke this one again as a robusto. Even though I didn't mind the simple complexity, I wouldn't mind a shorter smoking experience for this particular 'flavour spectrum' so to speak. If you end up getting a hold of this cigar, let us know what your findings are! I'm curious as to what others think of this one.
  11. Brand: Perdomo Line: Nick's Sticks (Connecticut) Size: Churchill 7" x 50 Hand rolled in: Nicaragua Wrapper: Connecticut Binder: Nicaraguan Filler: Nicaraguan First Impression Beautiful looking cigar with the typical claro shaded connecticut wrapper. Speaking of which, the wrapper feels and appears relatively smooth, with a couple of visible veins which shouldn't cause too many problems. The cigars feels firm and the tobacco seems evenly distributed, no soft or hard spots. The scent is of sweet tobacco with some faint hints of milk chocolate. The draw is perfect, easy with a tiny bit of resistance. Experience Lighting the cigar was easy and lit quite well. This cigar opened up with fresh ceder wood and sweet tobacco flavours with a tingle through the nose. A little later into the first third the flavours mature to smouldering ceder wood, a creaminess with sweet nuances while the tingle remains. These flavours come together in a fairly smooth smoke ... of which there's plenty! The second and third part of this cigar aren't bringing along much change. The only change noticed is the toastier influence on these flavours while nearing the end of the smoke. Conclusion This is not a very complex cigar, so what is it then? Because it isn't a bland tasting cigar either. I'd say it's a steady cigar that starts off mild and develops to become medium bodied with very enjoyable flavours. There's plenty gentle smoke of which the aroma is smooth to the nose. The ash has been falling off in one inch increments, something that may be annoying to some. Other than that, this Nick's Stick is a very enjoyable cigar that I'd categorize as an 'easy smoke' for any time of the day. Body: Light - Medium Flavour: Medium Draw: 9 Burn: 8 Ash: 7.5 Smoke: 9 Aroma: 8.5 Duration: 90 minutes. Accommodating Drink: Robert Burns (Single Malt Scotch Whisky)
  12. Thanks for sharing! Concise description of your findings makes for a quick read. I wouldn't want to say that the cedar sleeve has an influence on flavour. You ask the Cubans and they'll all agree that it does, especially over a longer period of storage time. Sounds like an enjoyable cigar. I particularly like the creamy/buttery flavours you'll sometimes find and hints of sugared coffee. From the sounds of it this could be a great contender!
  13. Hi Nullsoft! What about ... I reference a cigar to itself. What?! The problem with reviews is that they're all subjective. What I dislike, you may love to pieces. To counter that problem I've gotten away with refering to yet another subjective factor, a cigar. Instead of that, I'm focussing more on the experience that a particular cigar offers to its consumer which is derived from a combination of characteristics that we (important) generally all agree or disagree on, such as the draw, burn, ash etc. When they work together well, it offers a much more enjoyable experience, consequently dropping the experience as soon as some of these factors diminish in quality. You may therefore have noticed that my 1-10 scale will always be represented point by point in the review itself for more detail, instead of a referenced cigar. Indeed, the flavours remain represented by my taste buds (subjective) but other than that you'll find that I'm talking about the 'general' experience. For example, if we can't get air through the cigar or when when the draw is like sucking on a straw, we generally all agree that this is a terrible thing while a draw with subtle resistance and a nice amount of smoke is near ideal. Aroma can be stinky and/or sharp, but also aromatic and/or smooth, again one of those things that we mostly all agree or disagree on. Based on that I'll give these characteristics a number between 1 through 10. With this I hope to deliver a rating that more closely resembles the result you'll be getting when lighting the same cigar at home. That is much more relevant than a referenced cigar that you may not like in the first place because of our subjective nature. You know? Otherwise there are as many '10 performers' as there are cigars. And then another additional problem is that out of all available cigars, I have only smoked so little! Refer to my minimal library?! I'll tell you what some of my absolute favourites are though, and you're going to laugh because some of them are the cheapest I've ever had! Victor Sinclair Original and the Honduran Hoyo de Monterrey Excalibur for their extremely creamy notes. Kristoff Criolo for its complexity. Kristoff is more of a boutique brand, different and definitely worth trying! If you've got ideas or disagree, I'd love to hear about it by the way!
  14. Thanks for the wonderful responses! Glad to see most of you are enjoying the reviews. Not a whole lot of time on my hands but I'll try to push out a review here and there!