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  1. I agree. If you sit it on a table it tends to fall over if it's open. If its in a cup holder it's great. Have one on my golf cart and one in my boat.
  2. @Craftsman I actually sold it tonight. but the offer for the boat ride for you and @quickme still stands. let me know when you guys are coming! Sunset boat sticks!
  3. Am I invited? If you want it come grab it. Its actually pretty light, and i put nice casters on it so it rolls very easily. And I'll throw in a boat ride!
  4. So I got my baby out of storage today. What are you all driving? Mine is a 1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary. It was my Dads
  5. I was feeling a little bit saucy today... Finally jumped in and fulfilled one of my childhood dreams of owning a Rolex
  6. I just got another puppy. Her name is Honey. she is 8 weeks old today.
  7. hey buddy,  stillhave the big humi?  my cousin in Oakville might be interested



  8. I try and go to bed earlier now. But I still drink so anything is up in the air!!! LOL, I still have soo many of them. It seems like every time I send someone a few of them I get more of them back from other people. Those things get around!
  9. It's been a while since I posted on here. Been dealing with some family shit, and then had to move and all kinds of fun stuff. But life is getting back to normal for me. How are you guys all doing? Is the OG Crew still around?
  10. I'd like to see: Folding cigar stand Ashtray (either table, or stinky cup holder Car Sticker Toque Beer cozies