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  1. Sanchez

    The nub bowl

    I needed a long break😀
  2. A nice break cleaning up the yards
  3. Sir Winston a very different H.Upmann
  4. What great day to start a long weekend. Elegantes
  5. Don Alejandro on this fine fall day.
  6. Great album, I just grabbed tickets for The Danforth music Hall in December!
  7. Pre poker San Lotano oval
  8. The Joya silver is a little too mild but not a bad flavor profile.
  9. Haven't seen a Moretti beer since Vancouver 20 years ago, great summer weight beer. I think it was in a green bottle and not an ipa.
  10. Damn this box has been great
  11. First time trying something other than a Oliva Melanio from Oliva the Gilberto reserva