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  1. Cracked open the RR box and at 6 months old is damn impressive. The last third was a wee bit bitter but still.
  2. It was a good evening to watch life going by
  3. Wow @Craftsman this year is a bad one. The camp site was pretty decent last year but I'm pretty neutral if there's another spot out there. * I promise to watch out for chipmunks this year...
  4. This jar is fantastic!
  5. Thanks I was wondering if it was in the V family profile.
  6. What are your thoughts on the Monticello @Bacchus
  7. This Sancho Panza Escuderos is pairing well with some santiago de Cuba 12 yr
  8. My last waltz with this weekend
  9. Petit Edmundo and a big cup of wake up this fine morning.
  10. Watching a killer IndyCar race in Texas with a DE nica rustica
  11. This tasty Diplomaticos no2 courtesy of @Craftsman !
  12. Well @quickme I took your advice and gave the Undercrown shade another go. This one is definitely better.
  13. ERDM Choix supreme on this balmy June day
  14. Sanchez


    If I could add anything to this most talked about discussion is how divided people can be.I The best comparable is cigars and wine. I supposition that most wine drinkers wouldn't only ever consume from one country. With good wines from all over the world it would be odd to only buy from California or France and deprive oneself of a fantastic Italian, Chillian, or Canadian wine etc. I myself like many on this great forum appreciate the Cuban flavor profile more but there are times when something else is craved. Hurray for variety.