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  1. Illusione Epernay Serie 2009 is fine
  2. Pre poker cigar, Punch 48 and is smoking really well.
  3. Incredible @Boss Hog I'm sure we'll have some fun. Thank you amigo !
  4. What a nice day to enjoy a cigar outside and get stuff done.
  5. Taking a break from getting my taxes ready with a beauty Rafael Gonzales from @Cisco and a little Jim Beam apple .
  6. Interested in your thoughts G, hope you had a better box than I.
  7. Home in time to enjoy some sunshine checking the Noellas
  8. H.Upmann Anejados for the win.
  9. Stared the night with a birthday gift, Caldwell Long live the king.
  10. A little St. Paddy's poker, cigars and cheer. Started with an Partagas maduro no 1 and checking in on a custom corona.
  11. Hints of the Deer Hunter..
  12. Hoyo Epicure no.2 always works for me.
  13. Starting the night with a gift from @Craftsman these always taste better than their price point!
  14. Yep and considering the times he creates such mood in his films. Maybe because I'm watching the IndyCar race right now but check out Le Mans if you haven't yet. Edit: Le Mans by Steve McQueen I mean.
  15. What is opinon of Bullitt @jazie ?