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  1. What a night and what a cigar. Partagas Culebras
  2. Partagas corona gorda to start the weekend.
  3. My last Monsdale 2015 hopefully I’ll get back to the motherland soon.
  4. What a crazy great Canada day we had.
  5. Montecristo 80 Aniversario smoking wonderful!
  6. It’s so humid this tasty Montecristo Edmundo is giving me some trouble staying lit.
  7. Undecrown maduro in the shade this perfect afternoon.
  8. @Craftsman you were right this 2015 Fonsseca no.1? Has a nice little kick to it. Thanks amigo.
  9. Pesto chicken and corn on the cob with Roma tomatos with boccocini and balsamic drizzle.
  10. Oliva O hanging with some of the boys I haven’t seen in months.
  11. Connie A and a Estrella
  12. H.Upmann petite corona
  13. It'll be the last mower I will own that's for sure.
  14. Illusione Epernay on this fantastic morning.