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  1. I think I'm making this a NC week
  2. Starting the night with an charter oak from @quickme
  3. Sanchez

    The nub bowl

    Nub'd this bad boy while watching a Pocono
  4. Enjoying a fantastic RA Estupendos and El Dorado 12 on sunny afternoon!
  5. I'm pretty antsy now brother. lol I'm looking for a new set of headphones as we speak.
  6. Partagas Maduro having a ball with the clan
  7. A JDN Rosalones and corona
  8. Since mom died I've become the patriarch of sorts, so I'm thoroughly enjoying an Talisman with diplomatico ER before my family comes over for dinner and drinks.
  9. Tasty Trini to take a break from chores
  10. After rain relax with a 2017 Johnny-O Cazadores
  11. Spending some quality time with the big guy