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  1. Bigjlk

    Scotch talk

    Let's see some pics of the whole whisky bunker!
  2. Bigjlk

    Scotch talk

    Haven’t posted in a while but here are some recent pick ups from the past few months. Hope to be back to posting more regularly.
  3. Hello Cigar enthusiast from Fredericton , NB. Happy to see a Canadian site filled with BOTL. Seems like a really friendly place and i'm excited to be here.
  4. Felt like steak for dinner.
  5. Bigjlk

    Scotch talk

    Grabbed a couple bottles yesterday. Both new to me and very excited to try them.
  6. Bigjlk

    Scotch talk

    A gift from a buddy that just got back from Florida. Excited to try this.
  7. Just a couple pairs for me. [emoji6]
  8. I use a Custom Ash siesta for my sticks. Great to take with you on the go with the handy clip on it. They have a bunch of options on the website and are a Canadian company. The only shit part is that they charge in US dollars now. Here's a pick of it with there ashtray.
  9. Bigjlk


    I have a bottle of the 15 year and find it enjoyable. It's quite smooth and has good flavours.
  10. The pro is overkill for what you would be using it for. Just get an iPad Air 2 instead. The pro opens up many more multi tasking features and the ability to use the new over priced pen which the average user doesn't need .
  11. Zacapa and a Padron tonight.