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  1. Sunday afternoon relax time while the ribs cook👍
  2. Congratulations gentlemen and thanks for getting er done @SlowBurn👏👏👏
  3. Siglo

    Scotch talk

    The top shelf collection is growing.
  4. I won't be attending either race this year, I will be on the french river chasing Muskie and walleye. I hope you have a blast @Burtess.
  5. Puffing on a couple fresh rolled Dominicans heading to the beach👍
  6. Siglo

    Scotch talk

    Yup, my bad. No wonder it tastes so good👍
  7. Siglo

    Scotch talk

    Found these at my local....Scapa is a great blend in my opinion.
  8. A few of the sticks I’ve enjoyed this so far week in Punta Cana
  9. Glad they made it safely, and yeah, I figure I'd start a "bomb box" and use the same box and see how many tripc across the country it will
  10. My first round of golf this season.... I sucked but the cigars were great👍
  11. Mine left yesterday, you should have it today/tomorrow 👍
  12. Great choice 👍 let’s see that list @Craftsman
  13. Siglo

    Scotch talk

    I have been chasing down this bottle for 2 years now. With any luck It will be cracked on my daughters wedding night with a Cohiba GR.
  14. The sun finally shows itself an hour before sunset, time to chill!