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  1. Siglo

    Cubans in Vegas?

    Awesome! Thanks Gents. Heading to the airport shortly. Happy Easter 👍
  2. Siglo

    Cubans in Vegas?

    Hey Y'all, I have read that cuban cigars are allowed to be brought in to the USA now, has anyone done it yet?
  3. Predators over Capitols in 6. Thanks for the contest. Go Leafs Go
  4. @quickme must be on a rampage, he hit me with a very thoughtful bomb yesterday. Knowing I was on the hunt for some honey&hand grenades he snuck a few in as shrapnel.....very thoughtful and Classy Nick, thank you brother. You might want to send the wife and kids away for their own
  5. Wow, Thank you @Alki. So many Olivias to try.....this is going to be a great summer Thank you again Al, There are so many new sticks to try and the ones I have had I really enjoy. The mini sticks are going to be perfect for those "join the cigarette smokers on the patio" moments Now lets see that list. Cheers Siglo
  6. Well done! You have inspired me! I’m prepping the boat today!!!
  7. I love mine too, I put a few lead weights in the bottom then covered them with aluminum tape, balances nice now.
  8. Epi2 while tiring out the pooches and bbqing
  9. Lol, atm the only one is the viaje honey n hand grenade. They have been re-released and I am hoping to grab some in Vegas when I am there at Easter.
  10. Wow that was fast, message sent. Thanks bro.
  11. Ok, here goes..... I am fairly well stocked on CC's but do have a few white whales and "wanna-tries" CC's - Any vitola Saint Luis Ray El Ray Del Mundo Fonseca Montecristo Open Eagle, Open Master, Open Junior any mini cigar like the MC open mini, Cohiba mini's etc. NC's - Any Vitola Undercrown Viaje Oliva Punch AVO Herrera Esteli AB Filthy Hooligan ( I wish i had one a week ago for St. Paddys day) Thank you gentlemen, Cheers Siglo
  12. Whew, glad they arrived safe and sound. I hope you enjoy them Bro.
  13. Last nights delights 😀
  14. A nice AF from @Smokintrees, these never disappoint me👍
  15. That is excellent, I will be in QC for business in a month or so.