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  1. SIGLO III after dinner with the ever-present scotch.
  2. Cocktail hour with a Cornelius and Anthony Meridian and a scotch.
  3. All set for the next hour or so on this rainy Saturday with a coffee and an RG Petit Corona.
  4. NC Hirsch y Garcia and some whisky tonight.
  5. Nice 2012 Siglo II and a coffee this afternoon.
  6. Papo Lancero, done scotch and some tea. Feline friend in the background. To soon to put the heater on but it is damp and a little chilli.
  7. PLPC from 2017 and some Craigellachie to start my long weekend. Hallelujah the holiday moratorium is over!
  8. Damn. That was even on your label. Great smoke. Thanks to you and Miguel.
  9. Sticking to the custom theme this evening a BF 'Manuel' Dec 2018 from @comanchekeen. Thanks bro.
  10. Custom Alex Lancero and some Old Malt Cask Craigellachie 15 on a lovely evening.
  11. San Luis Rey Regio and some 12 yo Redbreast Irish whiskey.
  12. Montecristo Edmondo smoking very nicely while the Deanston is at the top of its game.
  13. H Upmann Magnum 50 and some Deanston. Trying to decide whether to read or watch Master and Commander which popcorn time coughed up. Prolly read so already the tennis this afternoon.