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  1. Trinidad Fundatore and some Springbank tonight.
  2. Probably not as it came in a 5'ver bought on another sight.
  3. This one is lovely, like the scotch.
  4. Had high hopes for this one, Hoyo Rio de Seco, but the concealed match stick screwed it up. Now I know where the exploding cigar jokes came from. The whisky is however excellent though the bottle is not. Update: finally opened it up and definitely fake. Will address with seller.
  5. Warped Villa Sombra this afternoon.
  6. Taking a triple c break: coffee, cookie & cigar (Sig II). Empty glass is for emergencies.
  7. A nice Hoyo Elegantes and some AnCnoc whisky tonight.
  8. Southern Draw Rose of Sharon lancero and a DAB this afternoon. Nub tool at the ready.
  9. Couldn't resist this pain au chocolate from a French bakery stand at the farmers market. Coffee and an RG Panatela Extra on the side.
  10. Upmann Magnum 50 after dinner. Nothing in the glass yet but no doubt there will be.
  11. Montecristo up next. Taking some time to contact friends I haven't talked to in too long. Rewarding evening so far.