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  1. Anyone who can get their hands on it should give Writers Tears a go. Damn tasty stuff.
  2. The squares are a bit off, not centered like they should be. And yeah, the Cuba does look a little funky. Also is the coloration in the yellow off? Looks a touch spotty.
  3. God damn Mihai...You seriously pull no punches. I can't wait for some of these to settle! Haven't had an opportunity to smoke any of these yet. You are amazing brother!
  4. Starting out my bday with a beautiful '08 Mag46. I could use a few boxes of these!!!
  5. Looks like we'll be seeing more of those Antanos around.
  6. Oh god, just the thought of Jamaican patties makes me long for Runaway Bay.
  7. Before you jump into any sampler: research, research, research. Read reviews, find out about the companies in the sampler, and then choose one that sounds like the sticks would fit your flavor profile. Try and find samplers that have reputable companies in them (this more so applies for NC samplers). I find a lot of companies try and use samplers as a way to unload some of their lower grade sticks that don't sell as well as the premiums.
  8. Keep seeing those Spanish Galleon. Post up how they are eh?
  9. Shade

    The New Guy

    Welcome! Smoke up!
  10. Still not sold on wearables. Wanna wait a generation or two for them to really come into their prime.
  11. Cant even see it if you pull out the insert?
  12. Good way to pick out age too! I really wanna get one of the old funky hippy bands from back in the 70's. Groovy!