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  1. And a 2nd box also! Herrera Esteli also short corona. Another fave of mine! They've really tried to give it a cuban feel too. Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
  2. An early birthday present. NC Partagas 1845 short Corona Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
  3. Been a while, life got in the way but able to enjoy a Dominion Black Lotus from @quickme. Thanks and i hope to be out in the next week or two! Spicier than i expected but if they do something skinnier i think i'm in... Sent from my LG-H812 using Tapatalk
  4. A nice JDN cabinetta lancero...i really need a box of these...@@quickme you in?
  5. A nice little Aging Room F55 robusto in the traffic on the way home
  6. Glad you liked it! It was a tasty stick.
  7. Wilk INStheWEST Contributing Member Members 100% Positive Feedback 3 0 0 2,902 posts LocationNorth West, Calgary, AB Posted Yesterday, 11:53 AM Whistlehappy, on 25 Feb 2016 - 09:25 AM, said: Very important if you want to watch any downloaded videos since the mid 2000s Oops! That should read Div Pro tool. However in my defence DivX is still around...
  8. Whistlehappy


    Argos seats reserved for 2016 and Grey Cup also! This will be 15 Grey Cup's in a row starting with Edmonton in 2002. Looking forward to the new season, a lot of changes around the league and it will be interesting to see which teams gel quickly and which make their runs at the end of the year. @@sailor71 can I ask where you reserved your seats? I'm not impressed that I got pushed out of midfield (52 yard line, say that NFL fans!) where I was located before in order to get the same price point as I had previously!
  9. i think that the DivX tool can be customized, but not sure at what cost/quantity. I can testify as to their usefulness! and reliability
  10. A nice Herrera esteli short corona...a great smoke and a box purchase may occur soon
  11. A nice La Aurora e Leon churchill for the 90 min drive to the Falls...
  12. original post deleted (oops I broke the rules!) PM sent
  13. hey @@quickme, been a while my apologies... so they (Famous Smoke Shop) sent out an email and there is of course the facebook page, but from the gist of what i got they felt it was getting too big. My understanding is that they are instead going to do more of a multiple weekend event thing with certain manufacturer's over the course of the summer. i think its a bit of a crock since they controlled how big the event was based on the number of tickets they sold. however thats another conversation! Its disappointing since the majority of people i spoke with that had gone to both events, definitely preferred Cigarnival (cigar expo) over cigarfest. One of the things i liked was that they gave a very broad range of cigars to try. i never would have found the Los Blancos Nine if not for this event, nor would I have tried the Cohiba Nicaragua (red dot of course) as an example of two that have been added to my purchase rotation. The wife and i are waiting to see the list of events for the summer to make a decision about what we are going to do. There are a number of other cigar events throughout the US and 2 in particular pop out to me. One in Colorado in August, and one in Texas. they both are supposed to be great and not overwhelming but similar to that of Cigarnival.. There's also one in Chicago. maybe we should talk, since i know the June date was bad for you @@quickme! i think though that the biggest disappointment about Cigarnival is that the group of people my wife and i became friends with will no longer have a specific time to get together! Unless we happen to go to the same weekend event.