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  1. A The King is Dead "The Last Pay Day" with Poli Grappa 24 carati
  2. A shermie for after supper relaxation!
  3. Another farmer! The last of the Mohican
  4. Johnny-O custom roll I won in a contest here on ccf!
  5. Hey guys! I predict Tampa Bay Lightning vs Calgary Flames for the final. Tampa wins the cup in 6 games. Thanks for the contest brother
  6. Side note: this cigar is really smooth, has nice earthy flavors and a touch of sweetness at the end like a dark cocoa on the finish. Not strong more medium but I've just started this cigar so we will see how it develops. Paired with some citadelle cherry blossom gin and fever tree tonic
  7. here is another farm roll o got from someone on here. Guys I'm really sorry I keep forgetting who sent me these but thank you all very much!
  8. I have an Android box set up with Kodii but the wife wants her live tv so got to pick and choose my battles. Got Bell to give me a 55$ credit for next month and lower my bill to 125.00$ a month. Still too much $$ for such a basic service.
  9. I need to get my hands on some of these! I've tried the Reyes but never these.
  10. Hey guys! I was just wondering who you all are with and what your TV and Internet home service is costing you. I'm tired of getting scammed by bell. When I initially signed my contract I was paying 110.00$ a month for Basic Tv + 15 channels and Fibe 100 internet. Now my bill is 170.00$ + and they promised to freeze my rate for 2 years upon signing. Now I see that Bell has a new service; same tv plan but 1Gbps internet which is FAR superior to my 100 mbps internet for a 1 year fixed rate of 99.90 a month. How do you guys negotiate your services and who are you with? I'd also be interested to know about your cell phone providers and bills as mine are coming up soon and I will be looking to get the best deal possible for that as well.
  11. I dont remember who of you I got this from but thanks again! Vegas Robaina farm from Nov 2014.
  12. Carosem

    Sumo Wrestling?!?

    Hey guys! I don't know if this has ever happened to any of you but recently I've fallen into the weird end of youtube and have been binge watching all kinds of Sumo matches. It's actually a pretty fascinating sport. I don't know how long this interest will actually last but if truth be told I think what fascinates me most is the ritual around the whole thing. The opening ceremony, the drinking of the water of power, the wipping of the skin for purification with the paper of power, the squatting on the balls of the feet to symbolize power, the chirichozu clap that demonstrates that the combatants have no weapons and are ready to fight fairly, the tossing of the salt to purify the arena, the stamping ritual, the faceoff, the toyotana (hand chopping for the victor) before receiving the prize. Maybe part of the reason I like cigar smoking is the small yet important rituals that go along with my smoke. The feeling of the cigar, the smell of the head and foot, the cutting or punching of the cigar and the lighting of it with cedar spills. The respect paid towards the cigar by not budding it out and allowing it to burn out on its own when done smoking it.
  13. Davidoff Nicaragua petit Corona for my first cigar of 2019. Last time I had this the cigar was great! Hoping for more of the same