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  1. Velvet Rat you say!? Love all the others I have tried in the Rat line. Havent seen or heard of this one yet. Probably make a pretty good review.
  2. How are thos shrimps? Never tried rum marinade.
  3. Rone


    Right!? Moral of the story. They are both fantastic.
  4. Rone


    The two cigars certainly have a different flavor profile. This you will find with most manufacturers. A Monte 2 does not taste the same as a Monte 4. It will ALWAYS come down to personal preference. I have boxes of both, and will change my mind about which one I like better from time to time. I can say that recently. The BRC has rated higher than the Belicoso bit that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Buy a fiver of each and see what one you like best. Thats the fun part.
  5. Rone


    Couldnt agree more. Always fire up a Canadian RE on Canada day. Also use em when I travel internationally.
  6. They had to send my MAG46 in a seperate shipment. Tried to “forget” to send them.
  7. Might be the only guy on CCF who is not down with craft beer. So in the spirit of staying old school. Here is my latest beer pickup.
  8. The other thing I notice more than the flavor profile between two vitolas of the same cigar is the complexity. Obviously with more tabaco in the larger vitolas there is far more complexity. When smoking say a half corona, I mught notice the flavor changing halfway through. A robusto might change every third and so on. Just my 0.02.
  9. Nice box date on that guy.
  10. First one from a fiver of Picadores I bought from @ToothlessCog last year sometime. Beautiful smoke.