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  1. Never tried it. Looks awesome.
  2. Oh, and seriously, look around the forum. You will find tons of heated debate about this very topic. Some even have the formula for overages broken down. Too mathy for me.
  3. It tends to be a little more complicated than that. For starters, I assume you will have Mrs. Toolguy bringing back some? The personal exemption for cigars into Canada is 50 per ADULT (A rule I feel they invented because of me). If you are over the exemption amount, you don't get to decide which ones fall under the exemption, but rather they take the total value of all the cigars and make up some random number (I am sure there is some convoluted math here) Some other things to think about. If you are hunting for larger or more expensive cigars keep in mind that if you go over your personal exemption for total amount of dollars into Canada, you will be f$#@!d. Your cigar exemption is not in addition to your personal amounts for dollars of imported goods. Besides that, if you search around the forum a bit, you will notice that larger vitolas can be difficult to find as these get chewed up by the US market. If you want to find some truly aged gems, hunt for some of the classic vitolas. You may be surprised what you find. As always, I usually just declare everything I bring, even when I am over my limits, and have never been charged for any of it. This is usually an extra box per person. I wouldn't try to bring a whole pile back. You can almost always meet a mule or two at the resort that will be on the same return flight as you. I have used this strategy many times and find it easier than anything else. My 2 cents! Hope it helps.
  4. The old turf-n-turf tonight. Wife playing ladies night golf and kids camping with Grandpa and Grandma. Ribeye with a side of New York.
  5. Lets just say it’s a pretty laid back weekend.
  6. Yeah, no kidding. It’s ALMOST as old as I am. Beleive me. It works a lot better than I do.
  7. Found this 89 pressing from the UK in mint condition. Takes me way back.
  8. Total sucker for Limitada’s.
  9. Partagas Lusitania as part of my 36 hole marathon yesterday. Wonderful smoke all thanks to @tricam_bob Thank you brother.
  10. A fairly plugged Sigilo I
  11. So I’m at home, minding my own damn buisness when I walk down to the mail. I was expecting some records I had ordered. “Well this box is too damn small for a record, what could it be”. Then I see the return address, drop the package and assume the fetal position. Throw on the old bomb disposal gear and slowly open the suspicious package. Wow! Some cool stuff in here. Completely sucker punched by @Toolguy have not tried ANY of them and promise to review the rat once it has a quick rest. Thank you brother, that was unnecessary but totally appreciated!
  12. Kids off to bed, wife at Bunco. Time for a little D4 before bed.
  13. Nice to see you have found some Cubans you like. A little jelous of your Drew Estate collection there brother!! Beautiful work.
  14. Man alive!! Opened a box of these up to send a few to a botl. Decided since it was open I should fire one up. Quite excited for the rest of these. Showing great promise.
  15. Rone

    Dvickery sad news

    What terrible news. Always a gentleman. He will be missed greatly.