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  1. Probably bought by someone who is going to flip them. Awesome. More shit in circulation.
  2. OK, Ok! So, Christmas is over, New years is over and my birthday is upon us (Well probably only upon me!) It is time to fire this machine back up and get er rolling. With that, here is a properish list to have a boo at. As usual, this is only a guideline. My favorite cigars are ones that my brothers feel passionate enough to want to share. Cubans Cohiba Corona Especiales Any Montecristo 1935 Series Diplomaticos Nortenos Edicion H. Upmann Sir Winston Hoyo Des Dieux Partagas Lusitania Partagas Presidentes Ramon Allones Gigantes Hoyo Double Corona Bolívar Coronas Gigantes Bolivar Coronas Extra Cohiba Siglo VI Cuaba Salomones Partagas Salomones Saint Luis Rey Double Coronas Non Cuban Las Calavares Davidoff Sir Winston Churchill Davidoff – Year of the rat Casa Fuente Lancero Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Along with these, I love any regionals, the funkier the place, the better. White whale alert!!!!!!!!!!! Some things I would consider for any Bosphrus or Turkey regionals.
  3. For you @Toolguy Anything. When I get home I will post up a list.
  4. Sorry everybody, been absolutely bat shit busy these days. So....... Let's make this easy! I love regionals, especiales and large size Cubans. All are loved! White whale would be Sir Winston. Hope everyone is having a rad day!
  5. Will have a list up today or tomorrow. Glad you liked those @Cold Smoke
  6. Saturday night poker with the boys.
  7. @Cold Smoke pm me your address please sir
  8. Rone

    Humidifier wick

    Nowhere! You can only get them from Bob. Buy yourself a bunch to save shipping (Change mine every 6mo) few guys here with Arostocrats. Maybe you could be the guy, split shipping with some guys. I need a couple.
  9. I will grab this one @Cold Smoke Will get this out Monday sir.
  10. What did you think? just polished a three pack of them off myself in Vegas.
  11. But hey, if any of you are in Georgia and need a truck. I know a guy.
  12. You bet it is. I love it. Have one for my truck and jeep one in my golf bag for carts. Keeps my cigars from falling all over the place.