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  1. Partagas Serie D No 4 tonight. Haven't had one in years.
  2. I just need to restock my favourites: Montecristo No 4 Montecristo No. 5 La Gloria Cubana No 4 The box of LGC I got in Varadero a couple years back was stellar, I'll be sad when it runs out.
  3. Thanks @Cisco! Moved into and started renovating a new house last year and never found much time to smoke or post. My wallet was happy but I missed my fellow CCF BOTL.
  4. Smoking a custom Lancero from Conde de Villanueva in Havana while my dog steals sheep manure from the garden beds.
  5. Monte #5 gets my vote, it's my go to short smoke. Only issue is that I tend to want another one after the first is finished.
  6. Something has come up and it looks like I won't be making this herf after all. I'll be sure to make it out for RMS in fall though, have a good time guys!
  7. Between 10 and 12 for golf works for me! I'm not much of a morning person so earlier would be a challenge.
  8. Count me in for golf! Sounds great Steve, thanks for organizing this!
  9. Punch Punch from an LOA Feb 13 box.
  10. Smoking a really good Vegas Robaina I won from here. I believe it's a corona. Thanks to whichever brother included it as a prize!
  11. Illusione 88 today. The fiver I had a few years back were amazing, this box is not living up to that.
  12. Isn't that when another one jumps out of the bushes and attacks from behind? Or is that velociraptors?
  13. Looks good to me, hopefully my game will be in shape so I don't play shitty golf all over the excellent course.
  14. I'm still in as well. I'm down for camping, scotch tasting and golfing if anyone knows of a course nearby.
  15. I have a PS4, all I really play on it is Destiny and possibly will get Bloodborne when it hits. I normally play NHL as well but will wait until next years version for hopefully a full featured game. Destiny does get fun once you hit level 30, although the repetition of Nightfall/Weekly/Raids is getting old. Despite that I still play almost daily. PSN is BassTek if you want to add me.