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Hi all - you may notice the occasional advertisement on the site going forward. The ads will be kept to a minimum. 

The intention of these ads is to pay for upgrades going forward. As the site grows, I envision I will need to move the forum to a dedicated hosting solution (done!). I would also like to convert the site to Invision as it is more feature rich than phpBB (upgrade done!). Future features planned are CCF swag and a humidor tracker. These upgrades are not cheap! For those that donate, you will see "Contributing Member" under your username.

Donations can be made via PayPal
Simply click this link: http://goo.gl/WEV0q
Donation amounts are entirely up to you and should be based on what you can afford. If you cannot afford to donate, I completely understand. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

You can make a monthly subscription payment to CCF by clicking the button below. I would be extremely grateful to those that choose this option!

CCF Subscription





Thank you for your help!


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I think for the Donations, if there was a header or line under your screen name that said/mentioned you donated that would be cool and also get people aware that this needs (site) help for the members of community to keep improving.

Just a suggestion, I for one will donate to the cause.

Great idea. I will look into this - it should be fairly easy to implement.

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wait wait, if the site needs money, how about a cigar auction? we can make some money with like 5-10% going to the site if anything. or a bake sale! (pretzel sale? pita sale?)

but seriously cigar auction once, twice a year?? unless the duties are too high on that.. (in fact, what ARE the applicable duties when it comes to shindigs like this?  <_<)

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