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Lets See your CIGAR BOMB Pics!


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So I want to start this thread so Members can post up pictures of the Cigar Bombs they have got and to a Thank you to the ones sending them!

Ok I will start this off. This Bomb was sent to me by fellow member SurreyPuffer, he offered to send me a R.A Extra as I wanted very badly to try one. Little did I know his sticks have a mind of their own and a few other ones jumped in to join the R.A on the journey to Edmonton! Thanks you Captain for the great Sticks.

1) R.A Extra - '11

2) SLR Pacifico - '09

3) Partagas - SP2 - '11

4) V.R Unico - '11

5) L.P T52 - '12

6) MUWAT - '12


(Mods please move if I have got this in the wrong place!)

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So today I get a little box in the mail. I notice the facial hair stuck to the packing tape and know it can only be from 1 person..!

REASON my brother. WTH, these are some fantastic smokes.!!!!

When I said surprise me I had no idea you were going to blow my mailbox up..LOL

Theres no list so my gueses would be.

1 BRC -09

2- RASS july 12

1- RyJ 2009 LE - is that a duke.?. I'm not sure without checking. if so WOW>!!!

1- uppman 46. jan 12 ???

1- RP decade ( actually reminds me of the CAO l'anniversai which is a good thing)

1- WOAM maybe a short story maduro... I think. not sure will check...


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Since I BOMBed a few Floridian sticks, it seems one of them invaded ENDOR.

And in return the bastards BOMBed back......damn those ol'dirty ewoks.

Here was the damage.

Glad the little ones arrive safe and sound. I have yet to try a Floridian yet, but all those smokes you sent look like at least a 2 hour smoke!! Especially the gorditos!

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So I'm minding my own business walking in the front door only to do a double take and notice my mailbox has gone missing... Not to mention the crater where the box used to be.

The note was so destroyed from the bomb i couldn't make heads or tails of it... all i could get was "fight fire with fire" and "FU Endor"....

See the stick my buddy Wicket is holding Trevlan?


This ain't over!!!

The damage you ask?


BTW the Trini EL 2010 smelled so good I wanted to permanently stick it in my nose hahaha

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ANother imperial douchebag (hired gun by the name of Surrey Fett) tried to have crack at Endor...  same sh*t different day lol.  My tree home was leveled.  We can rebuild it, we have the technology!


He also sent a nice care package along with that bomb!!




Thanks SurreyPuffer!!  I'm really gonna enjoy those SCDLH, especially the Merc!!

And I've never had an Oliva V either!

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