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Blind Tasting #5


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I dry boxed the cigar for about 4 hours before burning it, paired it with a tall glass of carbonated water and headed to the garage.




The construction looked good, a nice dark wrapper, it was a little soft but not squishy. I did detect a hard knot/plug about 2/3 way down the stick (hopefully it doesn’t affect the experience I thought to myself).


The post-cut/pre-light draw was tight but not completely plugged, definitely seemed smoke-able. The taste and aroma reminded me of sweet caramel and coffee. Once lit the flavor things changed.








 The first third started with mild notes of sweet coffee (Latte-ish) with sharp hints or spicy pepper (not was I was expecting), the burn wasn’t perfect but wasn’t bad either, a few hills and valleys but nothing to complain about. The draw was tight.




2nd third: the knot/plug wasn’t loosening up at all and it was a struggle to get much smoke/flavour but I refused to give up. With a bit of persistence I was able to burn passed the plugged area. I had a few really nice draws of sweet cherries/flowers that I love so much, but that ended quickly with severe bitter/tar taste over-taking my mouth giving me the over-whelming urge to spit/gag. 




It took me a couple more awful draws to realize I had nicotine/tar/resin bubbling out the end of the stick and onto my tongue …….yuck!





Final third: After a few sips/rinses of water I cut a bit more off the head and tried it again. The final 3rd was definitely the best, it opened up (after burning past the plug and trimming a sliver off the head) and had a mild fresh flavor with a hint of nuts (cashews perhaps), but not all that complex, I think my taste buds were still coated with the tar and/or numb because I couldn't taste much at all.





I don’t want to rate this cigar because the plug and tar altered the experience, I think it would be an excellent stick without the issues and perhaps some age as the final 3rd tasted new/fresh to me. Personally, if this wasn’t a CCF blind taste cigar I would of pitched it before the final third, glad I didn’t though. 


Thank you DSG!

I enjoyed being a part of the blind tasting, even if the stick itself had a few issues. I am PMing you my guess now.



Siglo's guess: JLS #2

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Had a chance to light up the cigar this afternoon. Going into this, I had it narrowed to two cigars in my mind.


Looks like a standard robusto. Triple Cap

Straight Cut with Xikar


Draw: Great. Perfect Resistance

Predraw: Cedar earth and leather. Real dark grey ash. Mild salt.



- Big full spice and leather from the get-go

- Medium creaminess


- More wood picking up

- Salt and mild acidity building up after an inch.

o Starting to doubt my guess.

- Vanilla oaky notes coming in and out

- Cedar

- Body went from M->MF

Last third

- Youth coming in.

- Getting a smidge harsh. Can’t see it being more than 2 years old.

- After the halfway point, nothing changed


Final Notes

- Great stick

- First half was really complex and intriguing

- Somewhat one dimensional after the halfway point. This may have been indicative of the age.


- 1 cm in, I was pretty sure what the cigar is

DSG, thank you again for allowing me this opportunity. I hope I guessed right





canucks6024's guess: JLS #2

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Great job guys! The reviews were all very well done. Thanks a lot for getting your reviews up so quickly. I hope someone else on the forum will host another of these soon!


French1's guess: RyJ Short Churchill

Siglo's guess: JLS #2

canucks 6024's guess: JLS #2



And without further ado, the smoke was a.............










JLS #2 LTB SEP 13!!!!! Great guess work Siglo and canucks6024!

I reviewed this smoke not too long ago and I smoked one on the weekend also. I think it is making some nice progress now. 




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